Agriculture Operations

Weather and weather based monitoring for Horticultural crops

IMD Regions: Coastal Karnataka
Sl.No. Crop/variety Pest / disease scenario Control measures to be followed
61 Brinjal: Shoot & fruit borer Apply oiled neem cake (with 8-10 % oil) (250 kg/ha) to ridges at the initiation of flowering (40-50 days after planting) and repeat 2-3 times at 30-45 days interval. Erect pheromone traps (15-20/ha) at flowering Release egg parasitoid Trichogramma chilonis @ 40,000/ha at weekly interval at flowering. Spray ranaxypyr (chloranraniliprole) (0.3 ml/l) if required only
62 Gourds: Coccinia Midge Prune affected parts and spray neem seed powder extract 4%