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Bhanuprakash, K. Dr

Bhanuprakash, K. Dr
Principal Scientist (pl.physiology)
Division of Plant Physiology & Biochemistry
Seed Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, seed quality,seed proteomics; student project work training
Ph.D (Plant Physiology-IARI,Delhi) molecularlbiology & biochemistry (minors)
Experience (No. of Years): 
Research Accomplishments: 

Crop production relies heavily on quality seeds and hence it is to be ensured that each and every seed that reaches to the field for sowing is filled with quality attributes. Thus testing, improvement and maintenance for quality assumes paramount importance in seed science. Our current programme deals with various aspects at physiological, biochemical and molecular level to evaluate and enhance quality of seed lots. The reasons for loss in viability in various horticultural crops were identified at biochemical and molecular level. Differential protein expression in viable and non viable seeds was studied through proteomics approach. The advancement in germination and enhancement in vigour through seed priming particularly in low vigour seeds was investigated at sub cellular level in various crops. Protocols for germination enhancement in various horticultural crops were developed.

Important Publications: 

Yogeesha, H.S., Upreti, K.K., Padmini,K., Bhanuprakash, K. and Murti, G.S.R. (2006). Mechanism of seed dormancy in eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) Seed Science and Technology. 34 (2) 319-325. K.Bhanuprakash, H.S.Yogeesha, C.Vasugi, M.N.Arun and L.B.Naik 2008 Effect of pre-soaking treatments and temperature on seed germination of guava (Psidium guajava L.) Seed science and technology 36(3):792-94. Yogeesha, H. S., Bhanuprakash, K. and Naik, L.B. (2008). Seed storability in three varieties of papaya in relation to seed moisture, packaging material and storage temperature. Seed Science & Technology, 36(3): 721-729. Bhanuprakash, K., Yogeesha, H.S., Arun, M.N. and Naik, L.B. 2009. Effect of priming and ageing on seed germination and vigour in papaya (Carica papaya L). Indian journal of Agricultural Sciences: 79(4).295-297 Bhanuprakash, K.,Yogeesha, H.S and Arun, M.N (2010). Physiological and biochemical changes in relation to seed quality in ageing bell pepper (Capsicum annum L.) seeds. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 80 : 777-80 Varun, S. Amingad, T. M. Rao, K. Bhanuprakash, D. P. Kumar, M. V. Dhananjaya and R. Venugopalan 2012. Changes in biochemical profile associated with dissipation of Seed dormancy in corms of gladiolus. Journal of Ornamental Horticulture. 5: 13-15. Ramya , Yogeesha HS, Bhanuprakash K and Veere Gowda 2012 Physiological and biochemical changes during seed maturation in onion. Vegetable Science 39 (2) 157-160. H.S.Yogeesha, Vasugi, Somashekar, K.Bhanuprakash and L.B.Naik 2013. Papaya seed quality as influenced by stage of fruit harvest and after ripening in cv. Surya. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 83(8):928-932. T. N. RANJINI, M. A. SURYANARAYANA, K. BHANUPRAKASH AND UMESHA.2015. Estimation of Chebulagic and Chebulinic acid in Terminalia chebula accessions using RP-HPLC method. The Bioscan 10 (1): 12-15.

Awards & Recognitions, Patents, Inventions, etc: 

Received best presentation awards(12); fellow of CHAI & fellow of ISST; Recognized as PG teacher in various(5) universities

Contact Details
Address for Communication: 
Room No 2, I Floor, Main Experimental Block, IIHR, Hessaraghatta lake Post, Bengaluru 560089
Email Address: 
Telephone #: