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Nita Khandekar

Nita Khandekar
Principal Scientist (Agricultural Extension)
Division of Social Sciences and Training
Extension Education
Experience (No. of Years): 
Research Accomplishments: 


1. Gender mainstreaming

  • Participation and decision making of women enumerated
  • Drudgery reducing implements/tools introduced in farming operations
  • Trainings for technical empowerment/entrepreneuship developmen/nutritional security organized


2. Innovative multipronged extension methodologies used for dessimination (Principal Investigator)

  • Interest group with market integration (Mushroom production, use of dried flower technology, drudgery reduction, nutrional security)
  • Farmer’s field school (Development of kitchen garden)
  • Development of technoagent (Mushroom production, use of dried flower technology, drudgery reduction)
  • Mobile messaging (IIHR technologies through Nokia and IFFCO)


3. Impact analysis of technologies (Principal Investigator)

  • Commercial and backyard poultry farming
  • Foliar Nutrition in Banana
  • IPM in Vegetables
  • Production technology of Mushroom
  • Fruit Fly in Mango
  • Tuberose varities of IIHR vii. Onion Variety Arka Kalayan


4. Dissemination of information through Mass media(Principal Investigator)

  • Print media Coverage: One hundred fifty four articles (National, regional dailies)
  • AIR Programme: One hundred and twenty nine radio programmes (All India Radio Bangalore, Coorg, Rampur, Bareilly).
  • Doordarshan Programme: One hundred and eighty three (Doordarshan Kendra Bangalore, Samaya T.V, (Regional 24/7 News Channel, Annadata)
  • Campaigns: Two campaigns (AIR, Bangalore)
  • Video films: Eight (Hindi/English/Kannada)
  • Audio capsules: Fifteen (Hindi/English/Kannada)
  • Showcasing of Technologies: Twenty one (IIHR, Bangalore, UAS Bangalore, CHES Bhubneshwar, Chittali, CARI, Izatnagar etc)
  • Jingle /Spot: One Jingle and one spot (Kannada/ Hindi)
  • Radio/Video Script writing: Nine (English/Hindi)


5. Psychometric scales/indices and models developed (Principal Investigator)

  • Model for Gender mainstreaming (2012)
  • Innovative extension methodology (2009)
  • A Framework for Assessing Impact of Horticulture Based Farming System with Specific Reference to Sustainability at Micro level (2009)
  • Prioritization of Horticultural Technologies through Rank based Quotient (2006)
  • Model for sustainable rural poultry farming (2003)
  • Construction of a scale to Measure Attitude towards Commercial Poultry (Egg) Production (2003)
  • An index to measure sustainability of Rural Poultry Farming (2003)
  • A Test for Assessing Knowledge of Commercial Poultry Farmers about Scientific Poultry Farming (2003)
  • Scale to measure the attitude of farmers towards backyard poultry farming (2003)
  • An index to Measure the Empowerment of Woman (1998)
  • A scale to measure the attitude toward scientific poultry farming (1996)
Important Publications: 

1. Khandekar, N and O. N. Kunzru 1996. Income Generation from Animal Husbandry among Tribal women. Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 66(6): 641-646 NAAS rating 6.6
2. Khandekar, N and P. Khandekar 1995. Communication Patterns among farm Women in livestock enterprise. Indian Journal of Animal sciences 29(5):133-135 NAAS rating 6.6
3. Dana, S.S , N. Khandekar and S.P. Sinha 1998 Factors affectiong adoption of commercial poultry production. Indian Journal of Animal Research 32 (1):1-4 NAAS rating 6.4
4. D ana, S.S , N. Khandekar and S.P. Sinha 1995. Factors associated with trainees’ knowledge about poultry health Control measures.Indian Journal of Poultry Science 30(1): 92-93. NAAS rating 4.2
5. Senthilkumar R and N. Khandekar 2009. Constraints perceived by the commercial poultry farmers of Namakkal District in Tamil Nadu. Indian Journal of Poultry Science 44(1):109-111 NAAS rating 4.2
6. Khandekar, N and R. P Sharma 2000. Investigations on Technological gaps in small scale rural poultry farming. Indian Journal of Poultry Science 35(3): 262-265 NAAS rating 4.2
7. Khandekar, N, R. P Sharma and S.S Dana 1998.A scale to measure the attitude toward scientific poultry farming. Indian Journal of Poultry Science 33(3): 322-325. NAAS rating 4.2
8. Debasish Saha, N. Khandekar, B. Tudu and A. Goswami 2005 Studies on work distribution pattern in Poultry Farming. Indian Research J. of Extension Education 5(1):53-55 NAAS rating 3.5
9. Mandal, M.K. and N. Khandekar 2002. Backyard poultry farming in tribal areas: Present Status and Future Strategies. Indian Research J. of Extension Education 2(2):68-69 NAAS rating 3.5
10. Senthilkumar R, N. Khandekar and N.Namrata 2009 Knowledge level amoung poultry Entrepreneurs on scietific layer farming. Tamil Nadu Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences 5(3):94-98 NAAS rating 3.4

Contact Details
Address for Communication: 
Principal Scientist (Agrl. Extension), IIHR, Hessaraghatta Lake Post, Bangalore - 560 089.
Email Address: 
Telephone #: 
94487 37473