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Technology Description


  • Sachet technique is a simple method for acclimatization of micropropagated plants giving 80-100% ex vitro establishment in different crop plants.
  • The method makes use of simple polythene bags with the conventional planting medium.
  • This allows the single-step plating and acclimatization with the feasibility of keeping the plants in the same polybags till the field planting. The method works for a variety of crops.
  • The method also can be used effectively for the rooting of soft wood cuttings.


Products and By- products


  • Acclimatized plants in polythene bags, ready for field planting


Technology Benefits


  • Efficient method for acclimatization with minimum inputs and cost
  • Works for a variety of crops- including fruits, vegetables, ornamentals and other plant species
  • Plants can be kept in the same bag (upto 6 months) till field plating in the case of perennials like grapes


Target segment /End User Profile


  • Tissue culture units
  • Horticulture nurseries
  • Commercial growers


Market potential


  • Suitable for small-scale production units, and at village level units without much infrastructure needs


Investment Required


  • Can be taken up as an additional item with the existing glass house facility or with a plastic-house


Expected Returns/Profit


  • Rs. 2-10 per plant depending on the crop