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Swachchta Pakkwada observed at CHES (ICAR-IIHR), Bhubaneswar

Swachchta Pakkwada observed at CHES (ICAR-IIHR), Bhubaneswar

Central Horticultural Experiment Station (ICAR-IIHR), Bhubaneswar organised various programmes during the Swachhta Pakhwada during 16 to 31 May, 2017 as per schedule for Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare. Initiating series of programme Dr. H. S. Singh, Head of the Station, administered the Swachh Bharat Pledge to all the staff members. It was followed by the cleanliness drive by the staff members around the office premises on 25th May 2017. 

On 26th May an event marking the coordination, collaboration and participation in Swachh Bharat sensitization drive with settlements around the campus was organised with the help of local representatives and the residents in these settlements. A cleanliness drive along with a procession was carried out in the settlements alongside the boundary and the residents were sensitised about not disposing their garbage inside the campus rather disposing it in the designated dustbins provided by the Bhubaneswar Municipality. They were also sensitised about the government scheme and the financial assistance for building the toilets at homes. 


On 27th May, a guest lecture was organised on management and utilisation of household bio-waste by composting for urban horticulture. Head of the Station, Dr. H. S. Singh, also gave a brief introduction on the importance of composting at household level. He advised the audience to inculcate cleanliness as a daily habit. The gust lecture was given by the speaker Smt. Pushpa Panda, from Prerana, an organisation which campaigns for cleanliness and waste management through composting. She gave a detailed talk on the ways of segregating household waste, methods of preparing compost mixtures, benefits of consumption of self grown vegetables at home using household compost and benefits of keeping the residential premises clean. Several staff members interacted with the resource person on various related issues.


On 28th May, a farmers meeting was organised at village Berkera, in Delang block of Puri district, adopted under Mera gaon, mera gourav programme. In the programme, detailed interactions with the farmers were made on the topics like field sanitation, personal hygiene, composting, cleanliness in village, building of toilets to discourage open defecation, etc.   Dr. D. Khulbe, Associate Professor (Plant Pathology) gave a talk on the hazards of improper usage, overdose of plant protection chemicals and importance of proper disposal of pesticide containers, district. The meeting was co-ordinated by the MGMG team leader Dr. P. Srinivas, Sr. Scientist.  A meeting was also organised at Mangalpur village under MGMG on 31st May by a team comprising of Dr G C Acharya and Dr S Mandal. They discussed canopy management in fruit crops, planting materials of important fruit crops, kitchen gardening besides sensitising them on Swachha Bharat programme and its benefits. The meeting was co-ordinated by the MGMG team leader Dr. G.C. Acharya, Pr. Scientist.

On 30th May, group discussion of the staff members was organised at the Station on the ways and means to keep the campus and its surroundings neat and clean. Various suggestions like weekly cleanliness drives, regular inspections of all the toilets for proper cleaning, creating vegetation opposite to main gate and road dividers to keep the areas clean in collaboration with local corporators and BMC, etc. Drawing sheets were distributed to the staff members for the painting completion for their children below class 10th. The group discussion was co-ordinated by Dr. G.C. Acharya and Dr. P. Srinivas. The group discussion was followed up by cleaning of the garage area of the Station by the staff members.  On 31st May, a guest lecture was organised on management and disposal of electronic waste. The guest speaker, Sri. Narasingh panigrahi from SDRC organisation, which is collaborating with the BMC for disposal of e-waste. He presented small video clippings and slides to drive home the importance of proper disposal of hazardous e-waste which is often sold to kabadiwalas. Sri. Panigrahi informed that not only the e-waste is highly polluting to the environment, it is also detrimental to the health of rag-pickers and the persons who try to extract metals from these e-waste. An elaborate discussion and debate followed the talk and it was decided to propose weekly listing and collection of e-waste of the Staff at one point at the station and contacting the appropriate authorities for safe disposal of the same. The guest also judged the painting made by the wards of the staff. Several entries were received and the same were displayed prominently in the conference hall during the discussions. Dr. G. C. Acharya, Pr. Scientist, presided over the programme while Dr. P. Srinivas, Sr. Scientist co-ordinated the event.

The swachchta pakhwada programme was co-ordinated by a team consisting of Dr. P. Srinivas, Dr. G.C. Acharya, Dr. K. Kishore, Sri. S. Majhi, Sri. A. Das and Sri. C.S. Durga.