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Principal Scientist (Plant Breeding)
Division of Floriculture and Medicinal Crops
Conventional and non conventional approaches of plant breeding
Ph.D (Genetics and Plant Breeding)
Research Accomplishments: 
  • Concept of Pollen Based Selection (PBS) was developed as an alternate strategy to overcome breeding problems in vegetatively propagated crops.
  • Molecular makers in protection of plant varieties has been analysed utilising rose and carnation, two commercially important flower crops as model plant species. 
  • Alternate approaches for creation of variability utilizing tissue culture as a tool in vegetatively propagated species have been developed. 
  • Reducing the duration of breeding cycle in rose is one of the challenging fields we are working on. 
  • Male sterility in marigold, its maintenance, inheritance pattern and utilization is another area where in significant progress has been made.
Important Publications: 

1.Tejaswini, ., Madhavilatha, P., Anuradha, S., Dhananjaya , M.V. and Sudhagar, S. 2012. Microsatellite markers in comparison with morphological characters for protection of plant cultivars in carnation. Acta Hort. 929:453-458.

2. Tejaswini, P., Sudhagar, S., Madhavilatha, P., Shubha, R.R., Anuradha , S. and Dhananjaya, M.V. 2011. An alternate strategy for carnation multiplication: Testing the efficiency of type and source of explant. Acta Hort. 923:97-1013.

3. Tejaswini, Paramesh H., Sreedhara S. A. and Lalitha Anand 2008. Molecular markers for working out genetic relationship among genotypes of carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L.). Indian J. Genet., 68(1): 93-95.

4. Tejaswini, Neeraj Tripathi and Paramesh H. 2007. Colchicine induced variability: Impact on pollen grains and stomata of interspecific hybrid in Dianthus. Plant Breeding News. 176: 1.19 .

5. Tejaswini and M. V. Dhananjaya 2005. Analyses of Divergence and Recombination Potential in Ornamental Roses. Acta Hort.690: 131-136.

6. Tejaswini . 2003. An innovative technique for disease resistance breeding: gametophytic approach. Acta Hort. 624:495-500.

7. Tejaswini 2002. Male gametophytic generation and a possible approach for selective pollination in carnation (Dianthus) breeding program. Roslinna vyroba, 48 (8): 368-375.

8. Tejaswini 2002. Variability of pollen grain features: a plant strategy to maximize reproductive fitness in two species of Dianthus. Sex Plant Reprod 14: 347-353.

9. Tejaswini, K.N. Ganeshaiah and R. Uma shaanker 2001. Sexual selection in plants: The Process, Components and Significance. Proc. Indian natn. Sci. Acad. (PINSA) B67 No. 6. 423-432.

10. Tejaswini and Ganeshiah K.N., 2001. Pollen competition as a plant breeding tool to realise vigorous progeny: Testing the feasibility in Dianthus chinensis Linn. J.of Genetics and Pl. Breeding 55: 119-123.

Contact Details
Address for Communication: 
#175, 5th A Main, 11th A Cross, Yelahanka New Town, Bengaluru-560064
Email Address: 
Telephone #: