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Institute Management Committee (IMC)




IIHR Bangalore – 560 089




Dr.Sreenath Dixit,

Principal Scientist,

Zonal Project Director,

Hebbal, Bengaluru

DG-Nominee Member




Principal Scientist & Head,

Central Horticultural Experiment Station,

Chethalli, Karnataka.

DG-Nominee Member



Dr(Mrs). Anita Karun,

Principal Scientist,

Central Plantation Crops Research Institute,

Kasaragod – 671 124, Kerala.

DG-Nominee Member




Principal Scientist,

Division of Fruits & Horticultural Technology,

Indian Agriculture Research Institute,

Pusa, New Delhi 110 012.

DG-Nominee Member



Assistant Director-General(Hort.I),

Indian Council of Agricultural Research

Krishi Anusandhan Bhavan-II,

Pusa, New Delhi 110 012.

DG-Nominee Member



Additional Director of Horticulture(Fruits),

Govt. of Karnataka, Lalbagh,


Agriculture Minister’s Nominee

Shri.Satyabrata Sahoo

Commissioner of Horticulture and Plantation Crops,

Govt. of Tamil Nadu,Chennai.

Agriculture Minister’s Nominee


Director of Education, UAS, GKVK, Bangalore

Agriculture Minister’s Nominee

Finance & Accounts Officer,

National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Insects (PDBC),

Bellary Road, Bengaluru

Agriculture Minister’s Nominee

Shri.Bhagawan Asaram Dongare,

At P.O., Sawargaon (Hadaq),

Tq. Dist., Jalna-431 203, Maharashtra

President ICAR Nominee


Kukkur Doddi, Marchanahalli Post,

Mallur Hobli, Channapatna Taluk,

Ramanagar District, Karnataka state

President ICAR Nominee


Senior Administrative Officer                                             

Indian Institute of Horticultural Research,

Hessaraghatta Lake Post,

Bangalore 560 089.

Member Secretary




Recommendations of the 81st & 82nd Institute Management Committee Meeting 



During the period from 1.4.2014 to 31.3.2015, 81st and 82nd IMC meetings were held on 27.06.2014 and 25.02.2015 respectively with the following members present.



81st Institute Management Committee Meeting Major Recommendations:


1.Pungency problem: The labourers are facing lot of problems during chilli seed extraction. To overcome drudgery of extraction of chilli seeds, there is need to fabricate chilli seed extracting machine.


2. Steps need to be taken to document the impact of training programmes being conducted for officers and farmers


3. Looking into the efficient working of ATIC at IIHR, an interactive meeting needs to be held at IIHR by ZPD-Zone VIII to facilitate ATIC's of Zone-VIII.


4. An administrative staff needs to be provided to KVK, Hirehalli.


5. A “Farmers monthly meeting” is being organized at Jalna District of Maharashtra on 5.8.2014 and experts from IIHR should be deputed. There is need to interact on onion production technology & demonstrations on improved varieties of onion need to be taken up.


6. There has been a lot of trespassing by public and school children to the quarter's area at KVK, Gonikoppal. In order to overcome this problem, it was recommended to provide chain link mesh around residential quarters at KVK, Gonikoppal.


7. In order to provide better facilities to farmers and guests coming to hostel it was recommended to provide flooring (vitrified tiles) for the farmer's hostel at KVK, Gonikoppal since the cement flooring in the hostel is old and damaged.


8. The water supplying pipes are completely rusted, leading to contamination at KVK, Gonikoppal quarters. Hence it was recommended to provide a common water tank of 5,000 liters capacity (2 Nos.) for the residential quarters with plumbing lines and platform.


9. Three old quarters (one is occupied and two currently unoccupied) need to be repaired, as they are very old and it is necessary to repair and maintain the quarters as five more staff are to be recruited for the  KVK. It was recommended that the three old quarters (type-III) at KVK, Gonikoppal be repaired.


10. Presently there is no accommodation in IIHR for PG students. Until the facility is created, it was  proposed to convert eight type-III quarters into P.G. accommodation for use by Ph.D. students deputed from IARI to IIHR for their Ph.D. work in IIHR. Each type-III quarters with two rooms will be used to house two Ph.D. students. A total of 16 such students have to be accommodated during the current year. It was recommended to convert eight type III quarters to P.G. accommodation/hostel at IIHR, Hesaaghatta, Bengaluru.


11. As and when the posts are vacant, in addition to the Dealing Assistant, the post of AAO & AFAO may be filled up in the respective Regional Stations.


12. Since, the EFC Memo is still awaited from the Council, an amount of Rs.153 lakhs has been allotted for the budget allocation for the year 2014-15 including the spill over items during the year 2013-14 (could not be made due to late receipt of funds from Council). Hence, it was recommended to procure the same during the current financial year as per details furnished in the list enclosed with suitable justification. The proceedings of the Stores Purchase committee has also been approved by the Director along with the list of approved items. Further it was also recommended that common facilities mentioned in the list may be given priority for procuring.


82nd Institute Management Committee Meeting Major Recommendations


1. There is a need to develop non-pesticide management strategies and also training programmes for KVK staff on eco-friendly crop protection for horticultural crops highlighting mainly on diagnostic kits developed like identification of thrips species may be organized.


2. Management practices to protect horticultural crops from monkey and wild boar menace may be made known.


3. Experts for training on eco-friendly management of pests may be sent to KVK, Jalna for training the staff of the KVK.


4. Information on suitability of various nets on bird scare and mortality of birds may be provided.


5. A survey on nature of colouring agents used & its effect in fruits & vegetables may be carried out.


6. Capacity building programmes for KVK personnel representing areas where horticulture crops are predominantly grown may be organized by the Institute.


7. The training calendar for the programmes of Division of Extension and Training may be prepared in advance and uploaded in the website.


8. Collaboration with Krishi Bhagya Yojana for rain water harvesting related work in the KVKs may be explored.


9. Fund requirement for fencing at KVK, Hirehalli may be booked under the budget provided for farm development.


10. The motorcycle (Bullet) at CHES, Bhubaneswar purchased during the year 1997 was quite old and was and auctioned and presently there is no two wheeler for the station without which it is difficult to carry the day to day official work inside city, visiting farmers' field etc. and hence there is a need to purchase a new one . Similarly, the Old Tata Sumo bearing Regn.No.OR-02-F-8817 purchased during the year 1997 has covered maximum kilometres and utilized to its maximum capacity. The old vehicle cannot be used any longer and its maintenance is very expensive and most of the time the vehicle is off the road due to frequent major repairs. Hence the said vehicle is needs to be written off/condemned and a replacement is essentially required for the day to day office use / farm visit. It was recommended to purchase as replacement in lieu of old motorcycle (Bullet) bearing Regn. No.OR-02-G-3413 and Tata Sumo bearing Regn.No.OR-02-F-8817 following all official formalities for CHES, Bhubaneswar.


11. At the main station, Hesaraghatta, two LMVs i.e., Old Tata Sumo (2 Nos.) (Telco Model) purchased in the year 2000 have out-lived their life and it is not economical to run these two vehicles further, since the repair/replacement of spares has already cost nearly Rs.5.00 lakhs and present condition of these two vehicles is not good and the same needs to be condemned written off and to be disposed of through Public Auction. Two new vehicles as replacement for these two needs to be done for the day to day official work. Further, the Tempo Traveller (Bajaj Tempo Ltd) purchased during the year 2002 has also outlived its service and is not economical to run this vehicle any longer due to the escalation cost of repairs/replacement of spares. Besides, it is under frequent repair and due to outdated model, the spares are not easily available in the market. Hence, this vehicle needs to be condemned and a replacement is sought for day to day official work at the Institute. It ws also brought to the notice that as per the ICAR letter No.6(3)/92-CDN (A&A) dated 25th May, 2009 replacement of Motor vehicles in terms of distance is 1,50,000 or 6 ½ years and all the above mentioned vehicles meet the requirement in kms. & years of purchase. It was recommended to dispose of the old vehicles (LMV) and purchase of similar vehicles as replacement for IIHR, Hesaraghatta, Bengaluru


12. The proposal of utilizing the funds to purchase of equipment and machinery under NEH funds of ICAR-IIHR under the head “Capital” may be forwarded to Council for approval.


Updated on 11.02.2016