Training on Dried flowers technology and value addition at KVK Hirehalli


Two days training programme on  Dried flowers technology and value addition  was conducted from 7th December to 8th December 2017 at Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Hirehalli. Mr. Jagadish K.N, SMS(Agri. Extension) welcomed all the participated resource persons and trainees for the programme.Dr. N.Loganandhan, Head and Senior Scientist of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Hirehalli, highlighted the importance of this training programme for both employment generation and as well as income generation.

In this programme Dr.Sangama, Principal Scientist, Department of Post-Harvest Technology and agri.Engineering of IIHR, Bengaluru participated as a resource person where she gave a lecture on different kinds of drying techniques along with preparation of value added products. Later during the programme trainees were demonstrated on the preparation of different products like table mat, tea coasters, book leaves, flower balls etc. She also explained about the preparation different products by using locally available agriculture as well as horticultural waste materials.

This training programme was attended by 43 women SHG members from tumakurutaluk of Tumakuru District with the help of DHAn foundation. Ms.Radhabanakar SMS (Home Science)   Co-ordinated the training programme.