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 Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangalore, celebrated “86th  ICAR Foundation Day” on 16th July, 2014, as per the guidelines of ICAR in a befitting manner. A mega exhibition of all IIHR Technologies of various Divisions, BPD & ATIC products were effectively displayed. Dr.T.Manjunatha Rao, Director (A) presided over the function and addressed the gathering by highlighting the ICAR technologies, guidelines and vision of IIHR for the scientific and farming community.


A foundation day guest lecture was arranged by inviting Dr.S.V.Hithalamani, the former Additional Director of Horticulture, Government of Karnataka, Bangalore. In his lecture he narrated the overall progress of horticulture and research and contribution of IIHR. He lauded the services of horticulture stalwarts who rendered in the modernizing process of horticulture in Karnataka state. He also highlighted that the growth of horticulture in Karnataka gave impetus to the overall development in the country.  He emphasized that, ICAR rendered yeoman service to the farming community by giving maximum facilities throughout the century.  He also mentioned about extensive extension efforts of IIHR in transferring good horticultural technologies.


IIHR felicitated Dr.Hithalamani on this occasion. About 120 high school and pre-university college students, teachers, 90 selected farmers from Tumkur, Kolar, Chikkaballapur and Bangalore Rural Districts, about 280 staff members of IIHR were also present. Three innovative farmers viz., (1) Smt. Saroja, ‘Arka Rakshak’ Tomato Demonstration Farmer, (2) Shri K.Sreenivasa Gowda, Mango Grower from Chintamani and (3) Shri Siddharthan, Floriculturist, from Tamil Nadu who achieved progress in their ventures were felicitated.


Felicitation to Shri K.Sreenivasa Gowda, Mango Innovative Grower from Chintamani


                Felicitation to Smt.Saroja,  Tomato Grower from Tumkur




                Felicitation to Shri Siddharthan, Innovative  Floriculturist from  Tamil Nadu


Also an “Exchange of MoU” with entrepreneurs through BPD and ITM & CPC Unit of IIHR was held. Accordingly, Smt. Saritha and Shri Rohith Bhan for “Tomato Crush” technology, Shri Rajagopal Venkat for “Banana Wine Technology”, Dr. Sukhada Mohandas for “Mass Multiplication of Ney Poovan (Elakki) Banana Technology” were handed over the licenses for the respective technologies.


 As per the directions of ICAR, felicitation to NICRA farmers by giving “Smart Farmer Certificate” was also conducted.  Fifty farmers of NICRA project village were given certificates. A special event “Farmer’s View” was also the part of the celebrations.   Accordingly, Shri K.Srinivasa Gowda, a progressive farmer from Chikkaballapura district and also the President of the District Mango Growers Association and Shri M.Babu, a progressive farmer who has grown successfully “Arka Rakshak” tomato hybrid, shared their views.


This programme was started with ICAR song and ended with National Anthem.  


A committee consisting of Dr.T.Manjunatha Rao, Director (A) as Chairman, Dr.M.R.Hegde, Dr.A.N.Ganeshamurthy, Dr.M.Krishna Reddy, Dr.K.Gopalakrishna Pillai, Dr.Anil Kumar Nair & Dr.R.H.Laxman as Members, and Dr.B.Narayanaswamy as Convener was constituted for organizing the “86th ICAR Foundation Day-2014” celebrations.


Updated on 17.07.2014