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 (Plant material to export markets)

BESST HORT the Technology Business Incubator conducted an Entrepreneurship Development program on 27th and 28th May 2019 to coincide with the unique and widely popular IIHR’s mango and jackfruit diversity fair (28th and 29th May 2019) which had over 500 varieties of mangoes and nearly 100 varieties of jackfruit on display. The EDP was planned to encourage entrepreneurial activities in mango and jackfruit. The EDP generated extraordinary interest from participants from all over the country. The Karnataka Agri Business Development Corporation also showed their support for the program by partially sponsoring the event and also by sending their enlisted entrepreneurs and FPOs for the event. The participants came from varied occupational backgrounds including farmers, academicians, researchers, entrepreneurs, FPO office bearers, executives from CSR foundation, corporates, etc.

The EDP was designed to generate interest in various entrepreneurial opportunities available in various stages of the mango and jackfruit such as in planting material, varietal recognition & development, plant health management, harvesting, post-harvest treatment, marketing, marketing infrastructure, processing, by product development, marketing and export related aspects.

The event was inaugurated by the Director of IIHR and president of IIHR along with the CEO of BESST HORT – Dr. Prakash Patil and the Guest of Honor – Mr. Mohammed Paravej Banthanal, Managing Director, KABDC, FKL & KSSC. The Director impressed upon the participants to make use of the opportunities presented in the EDP and in tandem observe the large varieties of mangoes and jackfruit which can generate a lot of entrepreneurial ideas. Dr. Prakash Patil emphasized on the importance of the huge potentiality in the vastly under-utilized jackfruit. Mr. Parvej assured the participants of the governmental support for ventures to process mangoes and jackfruits.

The sessions covered various entrepreneurial experiences which were shared by Mr. Subhash Koroth (Founder of Atrocarpus Pvt Ltd), Sri. Paramesh (Farmer & Varietal Protector of Siddu Jack), Smt. Namratha Goenka (Founder, Green Apron) and Mr. Shivanna (Parivarthana Trust), which provided courage, hope and ideas to the participants of the entrepreneurial route they can seek starting from varietal protection & propagation, domestic market access and seeking access to the international market.

The participants were assured of the governmental support and schemes available to support them through their entrepreneurial journey by Mr. Chandrakumar (Asst Director of Agri, KABDC) and Mr. Venkatesh (Deputy Director of Horticulture, KABDC). They in tandem explained the various scheme such as Government of Karnataka programs, Mega Food Parks, schemes from Ministry of Food Processing - GOI, PPP – IHD etc.

The program was studded with various technology options that can be offered from IIHR’s research extravaganza starting from the Mango varietal diversity explained by Dr. M Sankaran (Principal Scientist Division of Fruit Crops), the post harvest technology options explained in a comprehensive manner by Dr. C K Narayana (Vice- president, BESST HORT), the harvest and post-harvest machineries explained by Dr. Carolin Rathina Kumari (Principal Scientist Division of PHT and Agri Eng), Dr. Sriram (Principal Scientist Division of pathology) explained to the audience intricacies of the sanitary and phyto sanitary certifications, the various novel technologies such as fruit fly trap, mango special etc. explained by Dr. T N Shivananda (Principal Scientist Division of Soil Sciences & Agricultural Chemistry) and Dr. Sudhakara Rao’s explanation of the opportunities in handling, packaging and transportation of the fruits enthralled the participants.

The sessions by the Dr. Venkatta Reddy (Rtd Professor UAS (GKVK), Bengaluru) was tactically loaded with various strategies that entrepreneurs can seek to develop enterprises in areas of marketing and in the supply chain of mangoes and related products. The session by Mr. Bhaskar (Vishweshwarya Technology Trade promotion center) enlightened the audience about the various oppurtunities and hurdles in exports.

The two-day entrepreneurship program was organized by the striving team of BESST HORT comprising of Mr. Vaibhav B S (COO, BESST HORT), Ms. Shivagangavva P D (Business Executive, BESST HORT), Smt. Nandhini L (Business Executive, BESST HORT), Mr. Shyam (Admin, BESST HORT), Smt. Prasanna (Accounts, BESST HORT), Mr. Ramprasad (Asst Manager, BESST HORT), Mr. Niteesh   and Mr. Pradeep.

The event was just the beginning of many entrepreneurial journeys which will supported by BESST HORT and IIHR.