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Field day on “Management of Ridge gourd through improved IIHR Technologies”

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A field day on “Management of Ridge gourd through improved IIHR Technologies” was conducted in the village Silubepura of Bangalore north taluk, Bengaluru district on 22nd Aug, 2014. The programme was conducted as part of the Institute project on Demonstration and Popularization of IIHR technologies. A total of 48 farmers Vegetable farmers from in and around the village participated in the event. First the farmers and scientists visited the ridge gourd field of Shri Antony and discussed about the crop. Dr. Ganeshamurthy, A.N., Head, Division of Soil Science and Agril. Chemistry attended the field day and addressed the gathering. He spoke about newly released technologies from IIHR and informed the farmers that they should take advantage of the newly released low cost technology like Arka Microbial Consortium & Boric Acid technologies and eight other technology released form Division of Soil Science & Agril. Chemistry from IIHR. He told that IIHR is producing sufficient quantity of seed material for meeting the requirement of local farmers.  Dr. B. Narayanaswamy, Principal Scientist, ATIC Incharge Head, Division of Extension spoke about the outreach programmes of IIHR. The field day was coordinated by Dr. M.R.Hegde, Principal Scientist & Head, Mr. K.N.Jagadish Subject Matter Specialist Agril.Extension, Division of Extension and Training & Mr. M.A. Raghavendra Rao.


Dr. G.C. Satisha, Principal Scientist, Division of Soil Science and Agril. Chemistry spoke about importance of micro nutrient especially of Boric Acid in cucurbitaceous vegetable crops.  Dr. P. Panneerselvam spoke about the significance and use of Arka Microbial Consortium for improved yield and soil enrichment. The farmer Smt. & Shri Anotony spoke about their experiences with the IIHR technologies and its importance. He told that ridge gourd has given better yield because of application of Boric acid, Arka microbial consortium and integrated management of fly. There is good demand for ridge gourd crop in the towns. So buyers also collecting the produce from his farm itself offering higher price than what they get normally in market. The scientists from IIHR actively participated in the farmers interaction session and answered various farmers queries. The programme ended with Vote of thanks from Mr. K.N.Jagadish, Subject Matter Specialist, Agril.Extension of the Division of Extension and Training.





Updated on 23.08.2014