Gopalakrishna Pillai K.

Biological Control, Vector Transmission
M Sc. PhD
Friday, May 15, 1959

• Pest management in polyhouses. • Biological control of whiteflies in polyhouses, Mealybugs and their bio-intensive management. Orius tantillus against Scirtothrips dorsalis on capsicum under polyhouse conditions.• Mass production and release of exotic parasitoids for the management of papaya mealybug. Biointensive management of whiteflies, thrips and tea mosquito bug in various horticultural crops. Studied the egg parasitoids, Trichogramma chilonis and T. chilotraeae on horticultural crops. • Studies on the vector transmission of Citrus Greening Bacterium and Citrus Tristeza Virus and their Management. Molecular detection and analysis of Huanglongbing bacterium (Candidates liberibacter asiaticus). Viral and allied pathogens in Coorg mandarin. Population dynamics and management of citrus psylla, Diaphorina citri Kuwayama. Yellow Sticky Traps for Monitoring Brown Citrus Aphid (Toxoptera citricida Kirkady) in Coorg mandarin. Bioefficacy of some newer molecules against citrus leaf miner, Phyllocnistis citrella Stainton. • Studies on the vectors of coconut root wilt: Vector population, Disease tolerance, Mode of transmission, Light and Electron microscopy of vector tissues, Chemical control of vectors. • Biological control of Rhinoceros beetle with pathogenic virus, Baculovirus oryctes; Release and evaluation of control Baculovirus oryctes in Kerala and in Lakshadeep. • Surveyed of spiders of major agricultural crops of Saurashtra and Kutch from different agroecosystems. • Developed simplified key for identification of spiders. • Identified of 130 species belonging to 55 genera and 17 families. • Studied the population dynamics of spiders in cotton, groundnut and sugarcane agroecosystems. • Studied the detailed biology of predominant species. • Studied the predatory activity and extent of feeding and potential of spiders as a biocontrol agent. • Studied the impact of insecticides on spiders.

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