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Harinder Singh Oberoi

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Food Processing, By-product utilization, Fermentation, Food processing, quality & safety.
Date of Birth: 
Monday, September 25, 1967
Experience (No. of Years): 

Played an important role in development and evaluation of solar-operated Fruit and vegetable vending van suitable for retail sale and short distance transportation of fresh fruits and vegetables;  Evaporative cooled rooms (ECRs) for extending the storability of fresh fruits and beverages and Arka High Humidity storage boxes for green leafies and other vegetables for quality parameters.  Isolated, screened and developed microbial isolates capable of producing functionally active multi-component cellulases and hemicellulases in significant concentrations and multi-stress tolerant microbial strains which play a significant role in bioconversion and bioprocessing. Optimized processes for production of value added products such as nutraceutical beverage, face care systems, candies and enzymes from Kinnow by-products. Instrumental in development of  value-added products, such as Kokum Amla (rich in malic acid, hydroxycitric acid, anthocyanins, vitamin C) and osmo-dried guava slices. Appraised antioxidant potential for various fruit and vegetable residues and also established a commercial use for such residues. Played an important role in optimizing the process for production of xylo-oligosaccharides from agro-residues using thermostable enzymes from thermophilic fungal strain and separation of such compounds through nanofiltration. Designed and developed biomass extruder, integrated pilot plant combining pretreatment, hydrolysis and fermentation and also hydrolysis assembly for production of sugars from crop residues and processing by-products. Instrumental in design, development and establishment of the pilot plant for processing of red and green chillies at ICAR-CIPHET. Ludhiana.

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Fellowship of National Academy of Biological Sciences (FNABS); International Norman Borlaug fellowship award; Long term DBT Overseas Associateship award; Best poster award in an International summit, Kansas, USA; Merit certificate for highest OCPA during PhD programme. Patents filed : Microencapsulator with multiple air jet droplet generator for production of microcapsules (10/DEL/2011); Process for preparation of alcoholic beverage with nutraceutical properties from Kinnow peels (1049/DEL/2013), Fermentation process for enhanced glucose production from sweet sorghum bagasse using acido-thermophilic fungal cellulases (0984/DEL/2015).

Played an important role in transferring about twenty five technologies to farmers/ entrepreneurs and Industry.

Division of PHT and Agricultural Engineering
P-802, Purva Venezia, Yelahanka New Town, Bengaluru-560064.
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P-802, Purva Venezia, Yelahanka New Town, Bengaluru-560064

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9417426649/ 7022838619