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ICAR-IIHR conducted awareness campaign on voting rights on 10th April 2019

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In response to ICAR Circular vide F. No. 13/01/2019-CDN dated 14th Feb 2019, ICAR-IIHR, conducted an awareness campaign on VOTING RIGHTS to its employees on the forenoon of 10th April 2019. Several officers of the institute spoke highlighting the importance of VOTING RIGHTS. It was pointed out that VOTING is an integral part of INDIAN democracy and every individual vote counts in building up of the democratic system. All speakers appealed to the staff to compulsorily VOTE without FAIL to make the democratic electoral system strong and robust.

A resolution was also passed so that the staff members would compulsorily take their family members for voting.  

Further a circular was issued to all regional stations, sub-stations and KVKs to motivate their staff by organizing awareness campaign at their work places and participate in the VOTING movement in the ensuing general LOK SABHA-2019 elections. This was also posted in ICAR-IIHR website to highlight “VOTE IS YOUR RIGHT” as a part of the awareness campaign.