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Mythili J.B.

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Tissue culture, Genetic engineering, Transgenics for fungal resistance
Sunday, September 22, 1963

1. Protocols for large scale propagation of pointed gourd, hybrids of hippeastrum, tuberose and male sterile lines of cauliflower have been developed. Established embryogenic cultures from anthers of Capsisum for development of haploids. 2. Optimization of in vitro regeneration protocols for transgenosis was accomplished in tomato, chilli, onion and carnation. 3. The transgenic lines of tomato and chilli with chitinase gene have shown delayed and moderately reduced disease development as compared to control and preliminary studies with transgenic lines of tomato with PGIP gene have shown promise against late blight. Keeping this in view, pyramiding of tomato with multiple transgenes is being done using double or triple gene constructs for enhanced fungal resistance.

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Technology for development of micropropagation protocol in pointed gourd, tuberose, hippeastrum and male sterile lines of cauliflower was necessitated by the evergrowing demand and the need for disease free planting material. Further, the adoption of micropropagation technology is restricted by the non-availability of protocols to small scale entrepreneurs. The chitinase gene construct developed in house has been taken by few ICAR institutes and Universities

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