One day Training Programme on “Vegetable and Mushroom Cultivation” organized at CHES, ICAR - IIHR, Chettalli on 06.03.2018 under TSP.


One day Training on “Vegetable and Mushroom Cultivation” was organized at CHES, ICAR - IIHR, Chettalli on 06.03.2018 under TSP for tribal beneficiaries of Biligiri Rangana Betta (BR Hills) of Chamaraja Nagara District, Karnataka .The training programme was aimed to create awareness among the tribal people to cultivate vegetables and mushroom for their food and nutritional security. Dr.V.Sankar, Principal Scientist of CHES, ICAR-IIHR extended warm welcome to all the tribal beneficiaries and staff of CHES, Chettalli. Dr.I.N.Doryappa Gowda, Principal Scientist and Head of CHES, Chettalli inaugurated the training and emphasized the objective and activities of the TSP programme at BR Hills.  Further he conveyed to the tribal farmers that always CHES-IIHR will be associated with farmers for transfer of latest information and technologies to improve the standard of living by doubling the farm income. Dr.V.Sankar, Principal Scientist delivered the lecture on Importance of vegetables in daily diet and improved vegetable cultivation practices. At the end of training, participants were taken in to vegetable demonstration block of CHES, Chettalli. During afternoon session, training on mushroom cultivation was imparted by Dr Priti Sonvane and Dr Venkatravanppa scientists of CHES, Chettalli who explained the scientific method of mushroom cultivation including disease management of vegetables using Trichoderma. At the end of training, participants expressed their views, doubts and queries related to vegetable and mushroom cultivation and doubts were cleared by scientists. At the end of both the training programmes, input kits containing CHES -Trichoderma, Spawn and IIHR-Vegetable seed kits were distributed to all the participated tribal beneficiaries of BR Hills by Head, CHES. The programme was concluded with vote of thanks by Mr Putta Range Gowda, Secretary of BR Hills Soligas Tribes, BR Hills. This programme was attended by Soligas tribe’s leaders and more than 25 tribals of BR Hills. This programme was coordinated by Dr.V.Sankar, Dr.Priti Sonvane and Dr.V.Venkatraravanappa of CHES, ICAR-IIHR, Chettalli, Coorg.