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Radhika V

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Computer Application in Agriculture
Experience (No. of Years): 

* In silico mining for molecular markers in horticultural crops.

* Developed EST-SSR, SNP databases for few horticultural crops

* Software for disease prediction in horticultural crops

* e-module on Carnation cultivation

* Software for obtaining pedigree and other information in livestock

* Software for digestibility trial calculations in livestock

* Development of databases, web-based information systems, e-modules

* Radhika V. & Sree Hari Rao V. (2015) Computational approaches for the classification of seed storage proteins, Journal of Food science and Technology. 52(7): 4246-55.

* C. Kanupriya, V. Radhika and K.V. Ravishankar (2013) Mining of miRNAs in pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) by pyrosequencing of part of the genome, Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology.

* Radhika V. et al. (2013) In silico identification and validation of microsatellite markers from onion EST sequences, Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology, 88(5):664–670 .

* Radhika V. et al. (2011) In silico microsatellite development in arum lily, Journal of Horticultural Sciences.

* Radhika V. et al. (2011) In Silico mining of single nucleotide polymorphisms in expressed sequence tags dataset of Allium cepa L., Online Journal of Bioinformatics, 12 (1): 34-45.

* D. C. Lakshmana Reddy, V. Radhika, A. Bharadwaj, K. S. Khandagale and C. Aswath (2012) Mirnas in brinjal (solanum melongena) mined through an in silico approach. Journal of Horticultural Science & Biotechnology, 87 (2) 186-192.

* Kanupriya, Shobhana M, Aswath C, Radhika V, Laxman Reddy and Vasugi C. (2012) Genetic Relationship among Thirteen Cultivars of Papaya (Carica papaya L.) and two species of Vasconcellea (Wild Papaya) using Molecular Markers, Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences.

* Rao S B N, Radhika V, Singh N and Dutta T K (2011) Evaluation of mineral adequacy of natural browse species and concentrate ingredients for goats. Livestock Research for Rural Development. Volume 23, Article #166.

* V.Radhika and S.B.N.Rao (2010) Formulation of Low Cost Balanced Ration for Livestock using Microsoft Excel, Wayamba Journal of Animal Science Number: 1281076233

* Radhika V. et al.(2010) Web-Enabled Information System for Research Management and Communication, Journal of Communication studies 28(2): 31-35

* Radhika V. et al. (2009) Application of E-learning in Horticulture, Journal of Communication Studies 28(3): 43-46

* V.Radhika and R.Roy (2006) Software for obtaining pedigree and related information, Indian Journal for Animal Sciences 76(3): 273-275

* Radhika V. et al. (2006) A Database system for efficient data management in a livestock breeding farm, Indian Journal of Dairy and Biosciences, 15(1 & 2): 85 – 91

* S.B.Nageswara Rao, R.C.Chopra and V.Radhika (2004) Sodium Bentonite or activated charcoal supplementation on dry matter intake and growth rate of young goats fed diets with aflatoxin B 1, Indian Journal of animal Sciences, 74(3): 324-326, March 2004

* S.B.Nageswara Rao, R.C.Chopra and V.Radhika (2004) Effect of supplementing Bentonite or Activated charcoal on certain blood Parameters of young goats fed diets with or without added Aflatoxin B1 , Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology 2004(4) : 83-90, April 2004

* Radhika V. et al. (2003) A Software Program for Digestibility trial Calculations, Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 73(11): 1285-1288


Papers presented in Seminars/ Symposia etc. * Radhika V, Reddy DCL, LL Lobo and C Aswath (2013) Analysis and characterization of microsatellites mined in-silico in Allium cepa. Compendium of Accelerating Biology 2013: The Next Wave, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Pune, 20-22 February 2013, pp 105-106. * Radhika V and C Aswath (2012) In silico mining of genes associated with disease resistance in horticultural crops. Proceedings of National Workshop on Bioinformatics Techniques in Drug Designing, St. Joseph’s Post Graduate and Research Centre, Bangalore, 19-20 January 2012, pp 11-14. * Shweta, Radhika V, Archana, DC Lakshmana Reddy and Aswath C (2010). In silico mining of microsatellites from expressed sequence tags of Arum lily. National Consultative Meet on Bioinformatics in Horticulture held at Indian Institute of Spices Research, Calicut during 9-10 October 2010, pp 115. * Archana, Lakshmana Reddy DC, Shweta, Radhika V and Aswath C (2010). In silico mining and distribution studies of ESTSSRs in Myrtaceae family from EST dataset. Proceedings of National Consultative Meet on Bioinformatics in Horticulture held at Indian Institute of Spices Research, Calicut, 9-10 October 2010, pp 105.

* Obtained second prize for the presentation "Krishi mein data mining ka prayog” in the National Hindi Seminar on the Role of Agricultural Science and Technology in Food and Nutritional Security held at IIHR, Bangalore, from 4-5 June 2014

* NBHM scholarship in MSc

* Awarded various prizes including M.S.Huzurbazar Memorial Prize and S.I.E.S. President’s Gold Medal for scoring highest marks in BSc

Division of Social Sciences and Training
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Division of PGR Indian Institute of Horticultural Research Hesaraghatta Lake PO Bangalore - 560089

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