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Raghupathi H.B .

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Soil Chemistry/Fertility/Microbiology
Experience (No. of Years): 
23 years

• Developed leaf nutrient diagnostic norms identification of yield limiting nutrients for major fruit crops for major fruit and ornamental crops.

• Developed leaf nutrient diagnostic norms using Diagnosis and recommendation integrated System (DRIS) and multivariate Compositional Nutrient Diagnosis (CND) technique.

• The multivariate nutrient structure and mutual interaction among nutrient in plant system was elucidated in major fruit crops using Principal Component Analysis approach.

• The diagnostic sensitivity of leaf nutrients norms were validated in fruit crops under field conditions

• Studied the influence of long term application of fertilizers on soil properties and leaf nutrient composition in mango

• Worked on diagnostic approaches and development of nutrient management strategies for rejuvenation Coorg mandarin

• Developed of precision farming protocols for nutrient management in fruit crops using Geographic Information System. The nutrient management strategies were developed for fruit crops like banana and mango by superimposing soil and plant nutrient contour maps.

• Extending soil, leaf and water analysis service to horticultural crop grower for nutrient recommendation

Raghupathi H. B. and Bhargava B. S. (1998) Diagnosis of nutrient imbalance in pomegranate by diagnosis and recommendation integrated system and compositional nutrient diagnosis. Communication in Soil Science and Plant Analysis. 29(19 & 20): 2881 - 2892. Bhargava B. S. and Raghupathi H. B. (1999) Multivariate diagnosis of nutrient balance in grapes (Vitis vinifera L) cv Anab-e-shahi. Journal of Plant Nutrition. 22(2): 219 - 227. Raghupathi H. B. and Bhargava B. S. (1998 (1999) Comparison of CVA, DRIS and CND norms for diagnosis of nutrient balance in pomegranate. Journal of Indian Society Soil Science. 47(3): 488 - 492. Raghupathi H. B., Reddy B, M, C, and Srinivas, K, (2002) Multivariate diagnosis of nutrient imbalance in banana. Communication in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 33 (13&14): 2131 – 2143. Raghupathi H. B., Reddy Y. T. N., Kurian Reju M and Bhargava, B. S. (2004) Diagnosis of nutrient imbalance in mango by DRIS and PCA approaches. Journal of Plant Nutrition 27(7): 1131 -1148 Jagadev Sharma, Shikhamany S. D, Singh Y R.K and Raghupathi H B (2005) 'Diagnosis of nutrient imbalances in Thompson Seedless grapes on Dogridge rootstock by DRIS Communications in Soil Science and Plant Analysis 36 (19 &20) : 2823 – 2839 Anjaneyulu, K and Raghupathi, H.B. (2009) Identification of yield-limiting nutrients through DRIS leaf nutrient norms and indices in guava (Psidium guajava L.). Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 79 : 418 - 421 Anjaneyulu K and Raghupathi H B (2010) Multivariate diagnosis on nutrient imbalance in rose grown under open and protected conditions using compositional nutrient diagnosis and principal component analysis Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 80: 1058 -106. Raghupathi H B , Sakthivel T and Ravishankar H (2010) Multivariate nutrient diagnostic norms for Coorg mandarin (Citrus reticulate), Indian journal of Agricultural Sciences 80 : 835 - 837 Ganeshamurthy A N, Raghupathi H B and Varalakshmi L R (2011) Soil testing and tissue analysis for perennial horticultural crops. Indian Journal of Fertilizers 6(11): 152 – 158.

• Recipient of S. N Ranada Memorial Award for excellence in micronutrient research for the work carried out in the field of mineral nutrition of fruit and vegetable crops

• Recognized as PG teacher by University of Agricultural Science, Bangalore, University of Horticultural Science, Bagalkot and Dr Y S R Horticultural University Andhra Pradesh Tadepalligudem west Godavari Andhra Pradesh.

• Acted as referee for review of research article of several national and international journals.

Division of Natural Resources
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1558/78, 6th main, E Block, Rajajinagar 2nd stage, Bangalore-560010

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080-23086100 Extn 327