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Sadashiva A.T.

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Vegetable Breeding (Solanaceos Crops)
Ph.D (Hort.)
Date of Birth: 
Thursday, June 20, 1957
Experience (No. of Years): 



  • Two ‘Triple disease resistant tomato F1 hybrids’, Arka Rakshak (120 t/ha) and Arka Samrat (100 t/ha), with resistance to Tomato Leaf Curl Virus (ToLCV), Bacterial Wilt (BW) and Early blight (EB) were bred  first time in India and released during 2010 and were well adopted by tomato growers in the country (As PI).  We have also received requests from foreign countries (Vietnam, African countries, Malaysia and Pakistan) for the supply of F1 seeds of both hybrids. 
  • As Co-PI,  I am involved in the development and release of two chilli F1 hybrids Arka Harita: CMS based F1 hybrid with tolerance to powdery mildew (Notified in Gazette-GOI: S.O. 456 (E) dt. 06-03-2012) and Arka Khyati: CMS based F1 hybrid with tolerance to virus. Recommended at Institute level by Varietal and Technology Identification committee during 2011
  • I am involved in the development of thirteen advanced breeding lines (ToLCV+BW+EB resistant and long shelf life) and eleven pre-released F1 hybrids (triple disease resistant hybrids suitable for poly house and open cultivation).
  • Collected more than 400 tomato germplasm lines, evaluated & identified elite lines for yield, quality and resistance to major diseases. Molecular markers linked to ToLCV, late blight & Root Knot Nematode resistance were validated & utilized to develop multiple disease resistant lines & F1 hybrids.
  • In addition to Main Institute projects (4), I have also handled externally funded projects (National-7 and International National-1).   
  • Produced 102 tons of breeder seeds of 51 varieties/hybrids in 23 vegetable crops and earned   Rs. 500 lakhs towards institute resources. Pioneer in initiating a successful seed-village concept in the Institute & produced about 23 tons of seeds of 11 varieties in 6 vegetable crops in farmers’ field since 2010
  • Organized four Inter-national training programmes, four training programmes on PPV and farmers’ rights Act 2001, one symposium and brainstorming session and  Fifteen field days/field demos and exhibitions
  • Instrumental in the release of  30 varieties including 7 F1 hybrids in 11 vegetable crops as Head of  Division of vegetables (2009-2018) and also established field laboratories under DUS testing and expanded seed processing capacity.
  • Established two Vegetable Field demonstration blocks at IIHR, Bangalore & CHES, Chettalli.
  • Published more than 80 research articles and guided 10 post graduate students.
  • Mobilized a sum of  Rs. 50 lakhs  by the sale of research materials (advanced breeding lines and parental lines of tomato hybrids Arka Rakshak and Arka Samrat) through ITMU. 
  • Awards received: NAAS Fellow, ICAR-Team Award, Dr. M.H. Mari Gowda National Endowment Award for Best Horticultural Research, Dr. K. Krishna Murthy National Endowment Award for the Best Agricultural Research, Dr. Kirthi Singh Gold Medal 2014, Dr. Kirthi Singh for Life Time achiement in Vegetable Science and Fellow of HSI
Division of Vegetable Crops
# 1420, Kalpavruksha, 3rd Main 3rd Cross, Chandralayout, Bangalore 560 040
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#1420, 3rd Main, 3rdCrosss,Chandra Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka

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