Sampath Kumar Pamu

Viticulture and Semi Arid fruits
M.Sc(Ag), Ph.D (Horticulture)
Sunday, September 21, 1958

Developed an inter specific F1 hybrid in Annona  viz., Arka Sahan which has high yielding ability. Fruits weigh about 500-600g on average, have fewer small seeds, higher shelf life of more than a week and high TSS (>30OB) with sweet sour blend. Evolved a multiple hybrid in pomegranate “Ruby” with deep red arils, soft seeds. Fruits are medium sized weighing about 300g with high yielding potential. Introduced and acclimatized three exotic cultivars of Fig viz., Deann, Conadria and Excel and standardized use of Brown Turkey as a rootstock in those varieties in addition to  Poona fig. Found the crossability among different species of Annona among themselves. Standardized hormonal treatment and time and concentration and combination of GA and cytokinins  in new world grape varieties like Flame Seedless, Sharad Seedless, Red Globe and Crimson Seedless. Standardized sub cane development and levels of pinching for optimum fruit bud differentiation in coloured seedless varieties under mild tropics. Studies were conducted on genetics of pomegranate.

Research papers :

  1. Pal . D. K. and P. Sampath Kumar (1995). Changes in the physic-chemical and  biochemical compositions of custard apple (Annona squamosa L) fruits during growth, development and ripening. J.of Hort. Sci 70 (4) 569-572.
  2. Jalikop, S.H. and P. Sampath Kumar (1990).  Use of a gene marker to study the mode of pollination in pomegranate (Punica granatum L.). Journal of Hort. Sci., 65(2): 221-223.
  3. Jalikop, S.H. and P. Sampath Kumar (1998).  Use of soft, semi-soft and hard-seeded types of pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) for improvement of fruit  attributes. Indian J. of Agri. Sciences, 68(2) : 87-91.
  4. Sampath Kumar, P. and Jalikop, S.H. 2000. Cross–compatibility among Annona species. Indian Journal of Horticulture 57 (4) 309 – 313.
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  6. Satisha J., Prakash, G.S., Bhatt, R.M and Sampath Kumar, P. (2006) Effect  of soil moisture stress on physiological response of grape varieties.  Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 1(2): 99-103.
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  12. Ravishankar. K.V, Kanupriya C. Nischita P., Santoshkumar Gupta, Sampathkumar Pamu(2014)  Mining and characterization of SSRs from pomegranate(Punicagranatum.L.) by pyrosequencing Plant Breeding,12238.


  • Best Paper award from HSI, for the paper published in 2006.
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