A Scientist Farmers Interface programme on Arka Microbial Consortium (AMC) use in Black Pepper was conducted by ICAR- Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Gonikoppal in collaboration with ATMA, Dept. of Agriculture, Virajpet Taluk on 7th November 2017. A total of 72 farmers / farm women, Extension Functionaries from different parts of Kodagu district  participated in the Interface programme.

During the programme Dr. A.N.Ganeshmurthy, Principal Scientist and Head, Division of Soil Science and Agricultural chemistry, ICAR-IIHR, Bengaluru explained  about the importance of Arka Microbial Consortium in managing  soil health. He touched upon the  role of nutrients in Plant Health Management. He also  congratulated the KVK team for organising this type programme for promoting the ecofriendly technologies for augmentation of crop yield and mitigation of field problems faced by the growers in the District.  Dr.G.Selva Kumar, Principal Scientist, IIHR, Bengaluru gave a brief presentation on the Arka Microbial consortium technology and what are its constituents. He explained about the uniqueness of the bacterial strains present in AMC.  He also explained in detail about the technology of Arka Microbial decomposer which can convert farm waste like coffee waste  into good manure in a period of  40 to 60 days. The technology known as Windrow method of composting, which is mainly an aerobic decomposition process and does not emit any foul smell during the composting process. Dr.Saju George, Senior Scientist and Head, ICAR-KVK, Gonikoppal requested the growers to acquaint with the latest technologies in consultation with the KVK specialists in enhancing the production and productivity in Black Pepper. 

After the presentation the feedback session with farmers using AMC was conducted and responses of farmers was also collected in a structured questionnaire.  Earlier Mr.Veerendra Kumar K.V, SMS (Plant Protection) welcomed the experts and gathering. Mr.Prabhakara B., SMS (Horticulture) coordinated the programme. Mr.Suhas, a licensee entrepreneur of Arka Microbial Consortium technology also participated in the programme. The programme was widely coverage by local print and electronic media.