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Scientists and Development department Officials interaction meet held at IIHR

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Shri. Maheshwar Rao, IAS, Secretary, Department of Agriculture, Horticulture and Sericulture, Government of Karnataka and Dr DL Maheshwar, Vice-Chancellor (VC), University of Horticultural Sciences (UHS), Bagalkot visited ICAR-IIHR on 27.5.2016. The purpose of his visit was to interact and understand the research progarmmes and know the resultant technologies of ICAR-IIHR, so that collaboration may be planned in disseminating such technologies to farmers and other stakeholders of horticulture. 

A special interaction meeting was organized during the visit of these dignitaries in the Committee Room of administrative building of ICAR-IIHR, which was attended by all the Heads of the Divisions and Chair Persons of various Committees. Dr CK Narayana, Principal Scientist and Chairman, PME, Cell, ICAR-IIHR gave a warm welcome to the guests and the other invitees. Dr MR Dinesh, Director, ICAR-IIHR gave an introduction about ICAR-IIHR and the research, education and extension activities of the institute. Dr DL Maheshwar, VC, UHS, Bagalkot praised the research and extension activities of ICAR-IIHR and mentioned about the strong association between, UHS, Bagalkot and ICAR-IIHR.  Shri. Maheshwar Rao, in his remarks emphasized the need for reaching out to farmers with horticultural innovations and creating entrepreneurs based on horticultural innovations.

Dr Harinder Singh Oberai, Principal Scientist and Head, Division of Post-Harvest Technology presented about value added product technologies of ICAR-IIHR based on which, there were many discussions among the guests and the scientists. Dr R Venkattakumar, Principal Scientist and Head, Division of Social Sciences and Training proposed a formal vote of thanks. Shri. Maheshwar Rao and Dr DL Maheshwar visited the mushroom and soil science labs of the institute and appreciated the technologies of the units. Shri. Maheshwar Rao also assured that he will take initiatives to disseminate ICAR-IIHR technologies to the stakeholders. Both the guests visited the Mango Diversity Exhibition 2017 of ICAR-IIHR, which is being organized from May 26-28 at the premises of ICAR-IIHR. Shri. Maheshwar Rao and Dr DL Maheshwar wondered the diversity in mango collected and conserved at ICAR-IIHR