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Shivananda T.N.

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1. Developed fruit fly trap (as one of the inventors) for mango, annona, guava, citrus, papaya, banana and few other fruit trees affected by Bactrocera dorsalis. With the invention of technology nearly 30 to 58% loss to the farming community has been reduced.

2. Popularized fruit fly trap in south Indian states namely Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala by conducting front line demonstrations for consecutively five years.

3. The success story in south Indian states has made Odisha Jharkhand governments to adopt the technology and fruit fly traps are being popularized and mango growers are using in these states also.

4. Developed Sealer cum Healer (as one of the inventors) for effective management of trunk borer/stem borer (Batocera rufomaculata) in mango. The technology has been assessed and evaluated in thousands of trees and the results are nearly cent percent. The technology has been patented through NRDC, New Delhi in Indian Patent Office.

5. The Sealer Cum Healer has been modified appropriately and tested on coffee white stem borer. The results are encouraging. Coffee Board has sponsored the project and we have achieved nearly 98% success as on date.

6. The stem borer is severe in Cashew also. The modified composition of sealer cum healer has been developed for Cashew and tested in multi locations (Vridhachalam in Tamil Nadu and Puttur in Karnataka). The results are highly encouraging with nearly 100% success.

7. Popularization of fruit fly trap has been done extensively in six states with a funding of nearly 125.00 lakhs from various agencies like NABARD, Bangalore; DBT, New Delhi; NHM, Lalbagh;

8. Popularization of Sealer cum Healer has been done extensively with the funding of RKVY, Lalbagh (20.0 lakhs) in Karnataka.

9. Organized “One Year Diploma Course in Horticulture” for rural youths successively for two years in collaboration with Department of Horticulture, Lalbagh under NHM grants.

10. Developed (as one of the inventor) organic gel for fruit fly management without toxicant. The technology is cost effective and is in pipeline for patenting.

11. Developed (as one of the inventors) improved impregnation technology for vegetable fruit fly (Bactrocera cucurbitae) traps for the successful management.

Technology developed/ patent/ recognition / awards

1. Received Raitha Mithra Award by the Mango Growers Sanga, Hassan, Karnataka on 16/06/2012

2. Received Amulya 2012 Award by Karnataka State Innovation Council on 02/02/2013.

3. Patent submitted for “A cost effective eco friendly parapheromone trap for effective monitoring of fruit flies belonging to Bactocera spp for use in horticulture” Patent no. 1068/CHE/2010 dated 10/04/2010.

4. Patent submitted for “A bark growth formulation and a process for injury healing due to tree borers and wood decay fungus” Patent No. 3199?DEL/12-10-2012

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