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Sudha Mysore

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Economic feasibility and Viability studies: Criteria evolved for arriving at economically viable procurement price for assured supply of produce for processing (concept won ‘Gits’ award from Food preservers association of India, 1993)

Integrating Econometric methods for farm production efficiency: Developed methods for enhancing profitability through improved marketing strategies integrating econometric price prediction models for Rose cultivation and export marketing ( Concept won R.T.Doshi award, 2003)

Economic Impact of Technology Adoption:

(i) Aggregate Total Economic Surplus from the adoption of ‘dogridge’ root stock technology using Economic Surplus method (First time) estimated as Rs. 8844 crores, with Rs. 804 crores estimated as Producer Surplus; IRR of 40 percent. (upto 2007-08)

(ii) Economic impact assessment criteria standardised at individual farm, group of farms and aggregate levels.

Linking farmers to markets:  Evaluated various existing models that linked farmers to markets for mango and Garcenia crops. Initiating ‘collective action’ at growers level to setting up of ‘crop specific commodity boards’ by international institutional support that ensure ‘percolation of standard price’ to the lowest market actor, the producer, have emerged the most critical factors for efficient linking of farmers to markets (concept fetched FAO grant for presentation at 27th IAAE, Beijing, 2009).

Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Transfer and Commercialisation: Evaluated and negotiated a number of technology transfer protocols, assist in price fixation; technology portfolio analysis and assisted innovators successfully commercialise technologies and fetch high revenues for the institution (obtained Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship from USIEF, India and IES, Washington, DC, 2012-13)   


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Books Authored 

  1. Froukje Kruijssen and Sudha Mysore, 2010, Integrating biodiversity conservation and livelihood improvement: The role of markets for mango varieties and Garcinia species in India, Bioversity International, ( in press)  (I)
  1. Singh, H.P., Prem Nath, O.P. Dutta and  Sudha,M., 2004, State of the Indian Farmer :  A Millennium Study, Horticultural Development (Vol.11), Ministry of Agriculture, GOI, New Delhi  (N)


  1. Recipient of Fulbright-Nehru Senior Research Fellowship, 2012-13 from the  United States Education Federation in India (USEFI), on Generation, protection, technology transfer and commercialisation, a global perspective’ for 8 months at Michigan state University, East Lansing, USA. (6 th July 2012 to 5th march 2013) 
  1. Vice President Elect of Indian Society of Agricultural Economists, Mumbai (2008-2010).
  1. Won R.T Doshi award (First prize) for Best paper for ‘Economics of protected cultivation of cut rose for International market’, in Agricultural Economics Research Review, Vol 14(1) , 2003, Agricultural Economics Research Association, India.
  1. Awarded ‘Fulbright Pre-Doctoral Fellowship’ by the United States Education Federation in India (USEFI), on IPR issues for carrying out a part of the doctoral research at the Department of Agricultural Resource and Managerial Economics (ARME), Cornell University, Ithaca, 14853, USA. The Fellowship was for a period of Six months from July 1999 to Jan 2000.
  1. Won the ‘Gits’ award and cash prize for the best paper on marketing for the year 1993-94 for research article “ Economics of Linking Tomato Production and Marketing with processing”, from the All India Food Preservers Association.
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