Suryanarayana M.A.

Plantation, Medicinal and Aromatic Crops
Thursday, January 26, 1956
15 years

1. Released high yielding variety of areca nut (Samrudhi), which produces 23 % more yield than Mangala.

2. Identified exotic dwarf cultivar of coconut Niu Leka with high copra content (245 g/nut) and copra yield (13.9kg/palm/year).

3. Identified monoecious nutmeg, which produce more than 1000 fruits per tree.

4. Collected and conserved 250 number of agri-horticultural germplasm (wild) of Bay islands.

5. Developed areca nut and coconut based farming systems with different spices as inter crops and organic production practices for coconut with suitable cover crops.

6. Varietal evaluation and agro-techniques for vegetable crops including protected cultivation for A&N island conditions.

7. Identified French bean and Dolichos varieties as an intercrop for off-season production (summer) and Banana varieties (TC Plants) in Areca nut garden (Maidan region) of Karnataka.

8. Maintained 100 numbers of betlevine germplasms and identified suitable Betelvine cultivars as an intercrop in arecanut garden (Maidan region) of Karnataka.

9. Developed organic production technology for Medicinal Crops (Coleus and Kalmegh).

10. Developed off-season production technology for Aonla.

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