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106 Annual application of paclobutrazol (0.25 g a.i / tree / year of age) as soil drench during September-October found suitable.
107 Major nutrient requirements of Alphonso mango under rainfed conditions worked out.
108 Halting of canes to 4th and 5th node and developing single sub-cane per cane recommended for obtaining good quality bunch and fruit attributes in Flame Seedless and Sharad Seedless respectively.
109 Fertigation schedules to increase the fertilizer use efficiency by 20-25% in banana, grapes, pomegranate and mango were developed.
110 Fertilizer dose of 900g N + 600g P2O5 + 600 g K2O / tree / year recommended for Sardar guava.
111 Cultivation Technology of Milky Mushroom
112 Fertilizer doses for Thompson Seedless and Anab-e-Shahi grapes (300:300:800 and 500:219:830 kg/ha/year), their split application and their appropriate placement were recommended.
113 Application of 25 ppm GA and 10 ppm 6 BA as post bloom dipping at 4mm berry stage and GA 25 ppm alone at 8 mm berry stage for attaining desired berry size and quality in seedless grape varieties evolved.
114 For Robusta banana, N and K2O at 200 g each/plant were found best for the main crop. For the first ratoon crop, N at 100 g and K2O at 200 g/plant and for the second ratoon crop both these nutrients at 50 g each/plant are advocated.
115 High Plant density of 4400 plants (1.5 x 1.5 m spacing) giving fruit yields of 120 and 100 t / ha respectively was advocated for cvs. Robusta and Dwarf Cavendish. For cv. Ney poovan, a plant population of 5120 plants / ha (1.5 x 1.5 m triangle planting)
116 Petiole of 6th leaf from top was found most ideal for nutritional diagnosis in papaya.
117 A fertilizer dose of 250 g N, 250 g P2O5 and 500 g K2O / plant / year recommended to be applied in six equal splits at bi-monthly intervals for cv. Coorg Honey Dew papaya.
118 Spacing of 1.2 m x 1.8 m (4629 plants/ha) is best for maximizing fruit yield (146 t/ha over three year period) for cv. Coorg Honey Dew papaya.
119 Synchronized flowering in Kew Pineapple induced with application of 25 ppm ethephon in combination with 2% urea and 0.04% calcium carbonate.
120 High-density planting recommendations for pineapple under various agro-climatic conditions were evolved.