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121 Technology for saving water by 25-35% through drip irrigation over conventional irrigation methods for banana, grapes and pomegranate achieved.
122 Optimum irrigation scheduling based on soil moisture availability for banana and papaya under conventional irrigation methods standardized.
123 Use of Brassinolide 1 ppm and CPPU 2.5 ppm with suitable crop regulation and canopy management practices were recommended for producing export quality grapes.
124 Bud dormancy during October pruning in grapes was overcome by the use of Hydrogen Cynamide and thiourea.
125 Dogridge identified as the best rootstock for drought and salinity resistance in table grape varieties.
126 For irrigated and rainfed ratoon pineapple, N at 10 and 12 g / plant respectively were optimum. Nitrogen is to be applied in six split doses, between two and twelve months after planting. Potash is to be applied in two splits 2 and 6 months after plantin
127 For Pineapple plant crop, a dose of 12 g and 16 g N / plant was recommended under irrigated and rainfed conditions respectively. K2O at 12 g / plant was advocated for irrigated as well as rainfed crops.
128 Suckers weighing around 450 g and slips of about 350 g were recommended for pineapple propagation.
129 Artificial pollination to improve the set, size and shape of Arka Sahan custard apple fruits
130 Paclobutrazol application for regular bearing in Alphonso mango
131 Inter-crop in young mango and sapota orchards
132 Integrated water and nutrient management in Mango
133 Large scale production of Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi on finger millet
134 Inoculum of Phosphate solubilising bacterial (PSB) strains
135 Chilli : CGMS (Cytoplasmic Genic Male Sterile) lines with maintainers-MS1, MS2, MS3 and MS4