Sample Heading

Sample Heading

Utility wise

    • Plants are medium tall, 50 % flowering in 40 days and pods are ready for harvest in 55 days. Pods are similar to Arka Jay and Konkan Bhushan. Yield: 19-20 t/ha.
    • It is a progeny from the cross Allahabad Safeda x Triploid. 
    • Plants are medium in vigor and spreading type. 
    • Fruits are round in shape. 
    • Skin is smooth and yellow in colour. 
    • Fruits on an average weigh about 180 - 200 g, flesh is white in colour and firm.T.S.S is around 12° Brix, soft seeded, weight of 100 seeds is 1.80g. 
    • Keeping quality is good.
    • It is derived from the parentage Alphonso x Janardhan Pasand. 
    • It is a semi-vigorous type, regular bearing and is amenable for high density planting. 
    • It is a late season variety, fruits coming to harvest during second to third week of June.
    • Fruits are oblong in shape, medium sized, weighing on an average about 300-330g. 
    • Stalk is inserted vertically. 
    • Fruits on maturity will be dull green in colour, attaining uniform golden yellow colour on ripening.
    • Skin is thin and smooth. Pulp is orange coloured, firm and free from fibre and spongy tissue with good sugar-acid blend. 
    • TSS is around 19° Brix. 
    • The pulp recovery is about 70-75%. Keeping quality is good.
  • Seed yield of 2.31t/ha

    L dopa content of 3.5-4.0%

    L-dopa yield of 80.62 kg/ha

    Non-irritant trichomes

    Short duration: 120-130 days

    Purple flowers on short rachis

    Fruiting in basal nodes

    Immature fruits balck in colour

  • It is a tri-parental synthetic variety with Red to pinkish red elongated globe shaped bulbs. Average bulb weight is 120 g. Yield 47t/ha in 130 days.

  • Seed yield of 4.2 t/ha

    L-dopa yield of 190 kg/ha

    Long duration: 185-190 days

    Purple flowers on long rachis

    No Fruiting in basal nodes

    Shiny black seed coat / medium sized seeds

  • Red with smooth petal edges with long flower stalks

    Yield: 300 to 325 flowers /m2 /year

    Important character: Tolerant to Fusarium wilt and nematodes

  • Florets are Yellow with red blotch

    Yield: 24.80 spikes /m2 / crop season

    Use: Cut flower

    Important character: It comes to flowering 74 days after planting

  • high yielding multicut type of coriander  

    Yields 3.7 t/ha by pulling at 40 days after sowing and 12.17 t/ha by cutting (3 cuts)

    Leaf essential oil yield is 0.083% with good aroma.

    Keeping quality at Room Temperature is 3 days and at Low Temperature is 3 weeks without loosing its aroma when stored in polythene bags (100 PE Gauge).