• Garden Pea (Pisum sativumL) - Arka Ajit

    Developed through back cross and pedigree method of selection involving the Parents Bonneville, IIHR 209 & Freezer 656.. Pods 8-9 cm long Seeds bold, green and sweet Shelling percent 55 A mid season garden pea Combined resistance to powdery mildew and rust Duration 90 days. Pod Yield 10 t/ha.

  • TUBEROSE - Suvasini

    This tuberose hybrid is multi-whorled with bold, large, pure white fragrant flowers borne on long spikes in contrast to off-white flowers of local cv. 'Double'. The number of flowers per spike is more and flower opening is uniform in this hybrid as compared to the local 'Double' cultivar. Spike yield is 26 percent more compared to the local 'Double' cultivar. Spikes are best suited for cut flower purpose. Identified for release at Karnataka State Level.

  • Tuberose - Arka Nirantara

    White, single flowers with prolonged blooming

  • CHILLI - Arka Harita

    • High yielding chilli F1 hybrid developed by using MS line.
    • Plants tall (1m) spreading (90cm.).
    • Fruits medium long (10 cm) with width 1 cm.
    • Fresh yield 31 t/ hectare and dry yield 6 t/ ha in 150-160 days.
    • Fruits are dark green and turn red.
    • Tolerant to powdery mildew and viruses.

  • Tuberose - श्रृंगार

    यह tuberose संकर मजबूत, मध्यम spikes पर एक सुगंधित फूल प्रकार लाता है. फूल कलियों थोड़ा गुलाबी रंग के साथ आकर्षक है. Spikes फूलों की अधिक संख्या है और व्यक्तिगत फूल 'स्थानीय' एकल cultivar की तुलना में बड़ा है. इस संकर का ढीला फूल माला के लिए इस्तेमाल किया जा सकता है और tuberose कंक्रीट के निष्कर्षण के लिए. Spikes कट फ्लावर के रूप में इस्तेमाल किया जा सकता है. इस संकर के ढीले फूल उपज मौजूदा स्थानीय एक किस्म की तुलना के बारे में 36 प्रतिशत अधिक है. कर्नाटक राज्य स्तर पर जारी करने के लिए पहचान की. इस संकर को गाँठ nematodes जड़ सहिष्णु है.

  • WATERMELON - Arka Madhura

    Triploid seedless watermelon variety

    High yield 50-60 t/ha,

    T.S.S 13-14 %.

    Unique type , sweet , juicy and fully seedless 

    Longer shelf life and transport quality

    Suitable for year round production under protected condition

  • WATERMELON - Arka Akash

    High yielding F1hybrid. Dark green with light green broken specks slightly deep foliage, oblong fruit red flesh, with TSS of 12-13% (brix), average fruit weight 6.5kg with 1 fruit per vine. Duration 90-95 days. Fruit yield 65 to 70 t/ha, red flesh, juicy and very good taste. Good keeping and transport qualities.

  • WATERMELON - Arka Aiswarya

    High yielding F1hybrid. Green with Dark green deeply lobbed foliage, round to oval fruit, Dark green with light green broken stripes, red flesh, with TSS of 13-14% (brix), average fruit weight 7.5kg with 1-2 fruit per vine. Duration 95-100 days. Fruit yield 75 to 80 t/ha, red flesh, crispy, delicious, juicy and very good taste. Good keeping and transport qualities.

  • WATERMELON - Arka Muthu

    High yielding variety with unique character of dwarf vine of 1.2 mt, vine length, shorter internodal length and early maturing type (75-80 days). It has Round to oval fruits with dark green stripes and deep red flesh. Average fruit weight is 2.5-3 kg with T.S.S ranging from 12 to 14 %. Fruit yield 55 to 60 t/ha.

  • Tuberose - Shringar

    This tuberose hybrid bears single type fragrant flowers on strong, medium spikes. The flower buds are attractive with slightly pinkish tinge. The spikes have more number of flowers and the individual flowers are larger compared to the local 'single' cultivar. Loose flowers of this hybrid can be used for garlands and for extraction of tuberose concrete. The spikes can be used as cut flower. The loose flower yield of this hybrid is about 36 percent higher than the existing local single variety. Identified for release at Karnataka State Level. This hybrid is tolerant to root knot nematodes.

    • Plants are medium tall, 50 % flowering in 40 days and pods are ready for harvest in 55 days. Pods are similar to Arka Jay and Konkan Bhushan. Yield: 19-20 t/ha.
    • It is a progeny from the cross Allahabad Safeda x Triploid. 
    • Plants are medium in vigor and spreading type. 
    • Fruits are round in shape. 
    • Skin is smooth and yellow in colour. 
    • Fruits on an average weigh about 180 - 200 g, flesh is white in colour and firm.T.S.S is around 12° Brix, soft seeded, weight of 100 seeds is 1.80g. 
    • Keeping quality is good.
    • It is derived from the parentage Alphonso x Janardhan Pasand. 
    • It is a semi-vigorous type, regular bearing and is amenable for high density planting. 
    • It is a late season variety, fruits coming to harvest during second to third week of June.
    • Fruits are oblong in shape, medium sized, weighing on an average about 300-330g. 
    • Stalk is inserted vertically. 
    • Fruits on maturity will be dull green in colour, attaining uniform golden yellow colour on ripening.
    • Skin is thin and smooth. Pulp is orange coloured, firm and free from fibre and spongy tissue with good sugar-acid blend. 
    • TSS is around 19° Brix. 
    • The pulp recovery is about 70-75%. Keeping quality is good.
  • Seed yield of 2.31t/ha

    L dopa content of 3.5-4.0%

    L-dopa yield of 80.62 kg/ha

    Non-irritant trichomes

    Short duration: 120-130 days

    Purple flowers on short rachis

    Fruiting in basal nodes

    Immature fruits balck in colour

  • It is a tri-parental synthetic variety with Red to pinkish red elongated globe shaped bulbs. Average bulb weight is 120 g. Yield 47t/ha in 130 days.

  • Seed yield of 4.2 t/ha

    L-dopa yield of 190 kg/ha

    Long duration: 185-190 days

    Purple flowers on long rachis

    No Fruiting in basal nodes

    Shiny black seed coat / medium sized seeds

  • Red with smooth petal edges with long flower stalks

    Yield: 300 to 325 flowers /m2 /year

    Important character: Tolerant to Fusarium wilt and nematodes

  • Florets are Yellow with red blotch

    Yield: 24.80 spikes /m2 / crop season

    Use: Cut flower

    Important character: It comes to flowering 74 days after planting

  • high yielding multicut type of coriander  

    Yields 3.7 t/ha by pulling at 40 days after sowing and 12.17 t/ha by cutting (3 cuts)

    Leaf essential oil yield is 0.083% with good aroma.

    Keeping quality at Room Temperature is 3 days and at Low Temperature is 3 weeks without loosing its aroma when stored in polythene bags (100 PE Gauge).