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Veere Gowda R.

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Horticulture- Vegetable crop breeding
Ph.D (Horticulture)
Experience (No. of Years): 
27 Years


1. Developed cytoplasmic male sterile lines (Ms-65, MS-48, MS-11 and MS-39) and their maintainer lines   in onion suitable for Indian short day conditions and used in the development of F1 hybrids.


2. Developed and released two onion F1 hybrids namely Arka Kirthiman and Arka Lalima for high bulb yield and quality. Male sterile lines and parental lines are in demand in public, private and multinational companies. These lines were commercialized and revenue of 20 laksh has been generated.


3. Short dayyellow onion varieties suitable for export namely Arka Pitamber & Arka Sona (Yellow colour, mild pungent, low TSS and big size onions) have been released.


4.White onionvarieties with high TSS and high dry matter content forprocessingnamelyArka Swadista(White onion-high TSS (18-20%) & dry matter (15-18%)) for fermented preservation have been released.


5.Rose onionvarieties (2No.) namelyArka Bindu and Arka Vishwas(Dark red colour, Small size, flat shape and high pungent, & TSS) for export market have been released.


6.True seed multiplier onion variety namelyArka Ujjwal(big bulblet, uniform red colour and size, 2-3 bulblet /bulb with good storage) have been released for high bulb yield and quality.


7.Synthetic red onion varietiesArka Bheem & Arka Akshay have been released for high bulb yield and quality.


8.High carotene Carrot variety Arka Suraj (11.5 mg %), resistant to powdery mildew and tolerant to nematodes besides high bulb yield (27t/ha) has been released and proposed for notification for central seed sub committee.


9.Molecular markersforPurple blotch disease(900 bp RAPD) and soil moisture stress750 bp (OPV4), 1300 bp (OPV4), 900 bp (OPAN18) and 1200 bp (OPAO15) have been identified in onion.


10. Onion genotypes resilient to soil moisture stress (abiotic stress) were identified in AFLR, Arka Kalyan- 649, Satara Local and PBR-140 and advanced lines MST 121-55, MST 115-46, MST 120-54 and MST 112-42 with high bulb yield and qualities have been developed.


11. Advance lines namely PBR-287 and PBR-296tolerant to Purple blotch disease(biotic stress) with high bulb yield and qualities have been developed.


12.Arka Bindu, rose onion and Arka Pitamber, yellow onionhave been Notified at National level on 27.12.2006.

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  • FAO fellowship was awarded to under go training at International agricultural centre (IAC), the Netherlands on vegetable production under AHRD project from13/8/2000 to 18/11/2000.


  • ICAR nominated as IMC member for National Research Centre for onion, Garlic, Rajagurunagar, Pune, Maharastra from 2005 to 20007.


  • MSAMB, Lasalgaon, Maharashtra has made memberof the experts committee for technical advice on promotional activities of onion crop from 1999 -2000 .


  • Nodal officer for implementation of activities in Agri. Export Zone for Bangalore Rose onion. (Govt. of Karnataka) from 20.8.2002 to 20-8-2007.


  • Invited to Chair as Co- chairman in the session onion biotechnology in the National conference on Alliums held at BHU, Varanasi. on 24-25 ,Feb,2005.


  • Invited to Chair as Co- chairman in the session biotic stresses in the 5th International symposium on Alliacea held at the Netherlands on 25 to 28-8-2005.


  • UAS Merit Scholarship and General Fellowship B.Sc. (Horticulture)
  • ICAR Junior fellowship during M.Sc. ( Horticulture)
  • UNDP Senior fellowship during P.hd. (Horticulture).


Division of Vegetable Crops
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