Sample Heading

Sample Heading

Division of Vegetable Crops

Arka Supriya

Arka Supriya: Pole type, photo-sensitive, white flower. Pods setting from base from the first node. Pods are    light green, flat and long bearing in clusters. Pods green, long (16 -18 cm). Suitable for fresh market. The pods are excellent for dry and wet culinary preparations. When the fresh pods have medium matured seeds they are nutrionally rich in protein and minerals. Pod yield 27 to 28 t/ha. This variety has been recommended for release for Zone 7 [MP (excluding eastern area) & Maharastra]  and 8 (Karnataka, TN & Kerala) at the central level.

Tomato Arka Aditya

Arka Aditya: Plants are semi-determinate with dark green foliage, fruits are oblate-round, firm, medium large (90-100g), resistant to Tomato Leaf Curl Disease (Ty2+Ty3), Bacterial wilt and Early blight. It is suitable for fresh market & yields 60-65 t/ha in 140-150 days. Recommended for zone VIII (Karnataka, TN & Kerala) at National level.

Coriander - Arka Isha

 Arka Isha

Coriander variety developed through mass selection from an exotic introduction from Japan, IIHR ACC. No.19528. It is a multi-cut type, bushy plants, broad leaves, with good aroma, good keeping quality (21 days under refrigeration), rich in Vitamin C (167mg/100g FW), yields 12 t/ha in 3 cuttings in 70 days.