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Success Stories of IIHR Technologies

Sl No. Title Description
11 Post harvest removal of blackening in mango fruit is worked out

Post harvest removal of blackening in mango fruit is worked out

12 Backyard nutritional kitchen gardening-A success story

Backyard nutritional kitchen gardening-A success story

13 India’s first triple disease resistant tomato F1 hybrid Arka Rakshak” brings back smile on farmers face

Highlights of Success

14 Technology Commercialisation through Licensing – Success story from IIHR, Bengaluru

Institute technology management & business planning unit at ICAR-IIHR Bangalore’s model of horticultural technology licensing & incubation and handholding support for incubation have proved successful and sustainable pathways for effective and quick technology dissemination far and wide. This model not only helped institute earn over Rs. 8 crores within nine years, reach out to over 400 clients and enhanced the visibility of the institute as well.

15 Performance of Arka Prasan, Ridge gourd Variety in the farmer’s field of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Arka Prasan performance in farmer’s field

16 Arka Fermented Cocopeat – Makes an Entry into the Nursery Hub of India

The Kadiyam Mandal of East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, spread over eleven villages occupying an area of 3500 acres is often touted as the nursery hub of India owing to the presence of a large number of ornamental and fruit nurseries. The nursery entrepreneurship provides employment to over 20,000 residents from nearby villages and other places. The planting material produced in this Mandal is known all over India for their quality and variety.

17 Success story of a New onion variety: Arka Bheem

An onion farmer, Shri.Chandrappa (Mob: 9740178393) belonging to Jagalur Taluk, Jammapura, Davangiri, Karnataka has taken up cultivation of IIHR onion variety Arka Bheem. He has sown the crop during May, 2017 in an area of 2 acres. He observed complete germination and could maintain good plant population. He expressed that the crop was very vigorous and farmers of the village used to visit his field to appreciate the crop. He harvested 410 bags (55-60kg each) of good quality bulbs. He auctioned the same in APMC at Bangalore and fetched a price of Rs. 34-40/kg.

18 Success story of integrated farming for enhancing livelihood

Success story of integrated farming for enhancing livelihood

Enhancing productivity from the available piece of land has been a continuous effort under the NAIP sub-project Sustainable livelihood improvement through integrated freshwater aquaculture, horticulture and livestock development in Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar and Sambalpur districts of Orissa.  The integration of the various interventions has already started bearing fruits …. literally !!

19 Saplings of Livelihood-A success story in Commercial Nursery

Availability of quality planting material is highly essential for successful commercial vegetable cultivation. Farmers generally prepare small nurseries in their backyard solely for personal usage. However in the event of pest and disease incidence, natural calamity or field mortality of plants in early stages, the farmer does not have sufficient time to raise new nursery. To address this issue farmer-groups in Self Help Groups (SHGs) were provided with polyhouses/nethouses for production of quality planting material on commercial basis in protected conditions.

20 Improved Production Technology in Tomato crop

Tomato is an important commercial vegetable crop for farmers. Tomato farmers are facing various problems due to outbreak of pest and diseases related to climate change, labor shortage and borewells going dry etc. In the last few years, late blight has emerged as a devastating disease for tomato farmers in Kharif and late Kharif season.  Cost of inputs has gone up and labor availability has become a major problem. Farmers are increasingly finding it difficult to cope with the rise in input costs and other biotic and abiotic problems facing them.