Success story of a New onion variety: Arka Bheem

An onion farmer, Shri.Chandrappa (Mob: 9740178393) belonging to Jagalur Taluk, Jammapura, Davangiri, Karnataka has taken up cultivation of IIHR onion variety Arka Bheem. He has sown the crop during May, 2017 in an area of 2 acres. He observed complete germination and could maintain good plant population. He expressed that the crop was very vigorous and farmers of the village used to visit his field to appreciate the crop. He harvested 410 bags (55-60kg each) of good quality bulbs. He auctioned the same in APMC at Bangalore and fetched a price of Rs. 34-40/kg. The traders appreciated the colour, shape and skin texture of the variety. The farmer expressed happiness that he has made a good profit with double the income from this variety compared to all varieties which he has grown previously. He also opined that this is the only variety he has seen which can withstand continuous rainfall. He has also taken up multiplication of the seeds of this variety for popularising in his area.