Custard Apple - Arka Sahan

Arka Sahan

It is a progeny of Island gem (Annona atemoya Hort.) X Mammoth (A. squomosa L.). Arka Sahan fruits come to harvest in September-October and mature fruits (210 g) take about 6-7 days to ripe. The skin has a waxy bloom, light green in colour, moderately thick (0.5 cm) with large, flat eyes. The creamy white colour flesh is juicy with mild pleasant aroma and tender with scarce seeds (9/100 g) and large segments. The edible pulp is remarkable for its sweetness with 22.8% total sugars and measures more than 30 B as against 24 B in Mammoth. A 100 g pulp of Arka Sahan contains 2.49 g of crude protein, 42.29 mg P and 225 mg Ca against 1.33 g, 17.05 mg and 159 mg respectively in Mammoth. On an average, 12 tonnes of fruits can be harvested / ha. and resistant to drought.