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Anuradha Sane

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Principal Scientist
Division of Fruit Crops
Breeding, Molecular characterization
Ph.D (Horticulture)
Research Accomplishments: 

(During the Period of 2019-2023) 

  1. During the reported period, served as sub project leader for three institute projects, Co-PI in two sub projects, two externally funded projects (one as PI and one Co PI) and AICRP (AZF).
  2. In Mango, identified SSR primers that can distinguish nucellar and zygotic seedlings in polyembryonic varieties (Moreh, Nekkare and Vellaikolumban)
  3. In Jamun, developed genomic resources using SSR primers derived from Guava and S.samaraghense by cross species amplification. Molecular, morphological characterization and genetic diversity of Jamun (Syzigium cumini) carried out in collected samples from wild stands from UP, Gujarat, MP, Jharkhand, Nallamalai forests of AP, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu using SSR markers.  The study also resulted in identification of bold fruits with high TSS (table types), soft seeded types, profuse fruiting types and early bearing types.
  4. In Jamun, assisted breeder in enhancing germplasm repository from Bangalore, North Karnataka (Khanapur, Belgaum and border areas of Maharashtra), Tamil Nadu (Paiyur and Kaveripattanam), AP (Srisailam forest (Eastern Ghats) and surrounding areas of AP and Anantapur) Gujarat (Godhra), UP (Varanasi), MP (Jabalpur) and Jharkhand (Ranchi).
  5. In Mangosteen,developed genomic resources by cross species amplification using SSR primers derived Garcinia gummighatta respectively. in situ evaluation and morpho-molecular characterization of mangosteen from Burliar and Kallar, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu that revealed existence variability in the accessions using SSR markers.
  6. In marigold, identified genomic markers (one SCAR and three SSR) for identifying male sterile  lines in petalloid types.
  7. In pomegranate, 25 wild pomegranate types were collected across Darlaghat-Solan region and two accessions, AS/NN 17 and AS/NN27 were found free from pest and disease incidence.
  8. In Pomegranate, Sel. A 4/2,  an open pollinated progeny of bhagwa  was found promising with dark red (RHS RG53A), bold arils (8.42*5.74 mm), sweet (>13B), soft seeded, high aril anthocyanin content (61.82 mg/100g arils) and found suitable  for both fresh arils and for dehydrated arils.
  9. In Rose apple (Rural Bangalore; 24 paraganas, West Bengal)  and wood apple (Salem, Aruppukottai,Tamil Nadu; Bhadrachalam,AP and Davanagere, Karnataka) survey and in situ evaluation resulted in collection of trait specific accessions.
  10. Identified promising lines in Avocado with high oil content, Bilimbi, wood apple, Surinam cherry, Macadamia nut and Bael
  11. Propagation techniques optimized for selected underutilized fruit crops for further multiplication and registration of elite lines

 (Best 10/High Impact) 

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Books Chapter

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Awards & Recognitions: 


  1. Awarded UAS Gold Medal for the M.Sc (Hort). programme.
  2. Conferred with ICAR Young Scientist award for the biennium (1997-98) in Horticulture.
  3. Awarded with best poster and Co author for the best paper in Journal of Horticultural Sciences.
  4. Recognized as PG teacher/guide for Horticulture in UAS, Bangalore; UHS, Bhagalkot, Jain University, IARI, New Delhi and YSR Horticultural University, Venkataramannagudem, AP.
Address for Communication: 

#310, 3rd D Main, Vijinapura, Kasturinagar, II Stage, Bengaluru-560 016

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080-23086100 Extn 293