Sample Heading

Sample Heading

Division of Biotechnology

Major Scientific Contributions:

  • Cloned a number of genes & promoters for abiotic stress tolerance in crop plants and validated for function: dreb1A, dreb2S, PjVP1, rd29A, rab7, etc.
  • Developed genetically modified tomato and chilli for moisture stress and heat stress.
  • Anthocyanin rich tomato were developed by metabolic engineering
  • Developed a modular vector for single step assembly of sense and antisense DNA fragments for RNAi in plants
  • Genetically modified tomato by RNAi mediated insect pest resistance

-Developed microsatellite markers for mango, banana, okra, pomegranate, Garcinia speceis and sapota.

-Invovled in gene pyarmiding and development of tomato hybrids.

-Assessement of genetic diversity and characterization of Indian mango cultivars

Projects involved:

1. Functional Genomics of Fusarium wilt and drought tolerance in Banana 

2.Functional genomics of plant type, maturity and fruit quality  traits in mango

  • Biochemical and molecular characterization of proteinase inhibitors with insecticidal activity from legumes
  • Genetic transformation and molecular characterization of pulse crops
  • In-planta expression of Bt genes with insecticidal activity
  • Isolation and Molecular characterization of nematicidal Bt and other bionematicides
  • Molecular markers in legume vegetables
  • Molecular markers in ornamental crops

RNAi in the management of the boll worm, Helicoverpa armigera 

RNAi in the management of the whitefly, Bemisia tabaci

RNAi in the management of the aphid, Aphis gossypii

RNAi in the management of the tea mosquito bug, Helopeltis antonii

Inventory of miRNAs from different sap sucking pests of horticultural crops

Molecular diversity & Molecular phylogeny of sap sucking pests of horticultural crops

DNA Barcoding of insect pests of horticultural crops


1] Cloned and expressed Tobacco streak virus coat protein gene for antibody production. 2] Diagnostics for CMV detection in vegetable crops

Brief summary of current areas of research: Presently am working on the three following aspects of molecular markers and the mining of molecular markers in next generation sequencing data. 1.Development of SCAR Markers: Here mainly focus on development of SCAR markers either from RAPDs or from SRAPs polymorphism.