Sample Heading

Sample Heading

Development of transgenic pomegranate cv. Bhagwa for bacterial wilt resistance ; Agrobacterium and Biolistic mediated transgenic (Ongoing)

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  1. To develop regeneration protocol in pomegranate for application in generating transgenics, using explants of both mature and juvenile.
  2. To transform cv Bhagwa with AMP and PFLP genes and study transformation and expression and  to test transformants for expression of gene
  3. To field test the transgenic disease resistant plants and release them in farmers field

Dr T R Usharani


Dr Leela sahijram

Dr Gopalakrishnan



  • Pomegranate regeneration using cotyledonary explants has been standardized and transformation with Ace – AMP1 initiated
  • Pomegranate regeneration using petal and leaf explants are in progress.