New Yard Long Bean Selection Arka Mangala for high yield


ICAR-IIHR identified a new Yard Long Bean Selection Arka Mangala for high yield Yard Long Bean (Vigna unguiculata sub sp sesquipedalis L.) is an important legume vegetable grown for its tender long green pods. Arka Mangala had maximum number of pods per plant (42). Yield performance during the kharif seasons of 2009 to 2010 has indicated that Selection Arka Mangala has given average yield of 25 t /ha, while the check varieties Lola and Vyjayathi gave pod yield of 20.75 and 19.75 t/ha respectively. The percent yield increase in Arka Mangala over check varieties Lola and Vyjayathi was 24 and 30 in that order. During rabi also yields were almost similar. Plants are tall pole type require staking. Pods are crisp, long (70-80cm), tender, green. Seeds 20-22. Pods are string less can be snapped very easily are without with out parchment. This variety is mainly proposed for the fresh market. The pods are tender, devoid of parchment and the whole pod is suitable as vegetaCultivation of this variety by the farmer will be highly beneficial as it is high yielding.ble. Salient features of Arka Mangala: Pole, vigorous, photo insensitive. Pod matures in 60 days. Pod yield Yields 25 t/ha. Pods are green with smooth surface. Duration 90-100 days.

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