Technology (Sealer cum healer) for Mango Trunk borer management


Technology (Sealer cum healer) for Mango Trunk borer management: The mango stem borer (Batocera rufomaculata Cerambycidae: Coleoptera)is increasingly becoming a menace in the older (>10 years) mango orchads across the country. Several thousands of trees have been lost in the last decade. The borer, a beetle of almost 4- 5 cm length, lays eggs on the main trunk of relatively older mango trees during May and December. The grubs bore and eat below the bark. As it grows, the tunnelling is extensive but below the bark, mostly invisible from outside. It has not been observed tunnelling into the main stem. The damage results in yellowing of branches followed by drying and die back of terminal shoots and branches ultimately leading to the death of whole tree. Approximately loss of a tree means loss of about 1.5 to 2.0 lakhs over 10-15 years. A formulation called ‘Sealer cum healer’ was developed by Indian Institute of Horticultural research, Bangalore To tackle this menace. This formulation not only controls and protects the tree from borer damage, but also helps in tree rejuvenation. The technology has been demonstrated in about 200 hectares of mango across Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and also widely disseminated through mass media and farmers meetings. The main advantages of new formulation are envisaged as below Treating the plant for borer and complete relief from borer problem Farmer does not need any special training for treating the plant The formulation completely blocks the unseen holes and as well visually seen holes The tree is rejuvenated with nutrition The formulation can withstand rains after 48 hours of treatment. The formulation is cost effective The formulation can be stored for one year without deterioration in quality if stored in dry place.

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