Research Programs

Nutrient dynamics (N,P, K ) of conventional and speciality fertilizers under drip fertigation in horticultural crops (Banana, Papaya, Tomato and Brinjal)
Nutrient dynamics and management in horticultural crops under salt stress conditions” (Banana and Onion)
Sustaining productivity of horticultural crops under adverse soil and water conditions in fruits and vegetables (High salinity and heavy metals toxicity)
Micronutrient related constraints in Fruits and Vegetable Crops for correcting nutrient imbalances
Nutrient dynamics and management in Horticultural crops under salt stress conditions (banana and onion) (Ongoing)
Evaluation and improvement of soil quality of fruit orchards in Southern India (grapes, mango, pomegranate, citrus, guava and sapota) (Ongoing)
Studies on movement of soil applied pesticides in plants and their persistence in soil. (Ongoing)
Pesticide residue studies in fruits and related environment (Ongoing)
Nutrient dynamics in fruit crops and development of fertilizer prediction equations for vegetables (Ongoing)
Micronutrient related constraints in fruit and vegetable crops for correcting nutrient imbalances (Ongoing)
Development of microbial consortium for sustainable production of horticultural crops and improving soil health (Ongoing)
Microbial bioconversion of horticultural wastes for enhanced plant nutrient mobilization and disease suppression (Ongoing)
Multivariate Foliar Chemical composition and nutrient contour maps for developing diagnostic norms for fruit crops (ongoing)