Sample Heading

Sample Heading

Sustaining productivity of horticultural crops under adverse soil and water conditions in fruits and vegetables (High salinity and heavy metals toxicity)

Primary tabs

  1. Screening of acidlime varieties at different levels of salinity to find out salt tolerant acidlime varieties
  2. On farm trials to test the performance of salt tolerant acidlime variety
  3. Screening of sapota varieties at different water SAR levels to find out tolerant varieties
  4. Screening of guava accessions at different levels of salinity
  5. Screening of cauliflower varieties for salt tolerance
  6. To findout vegetable varieties with low heavy metal absorption in carrot and palak
  7. To findout effect of  amendments (FYM) on heavy metal Cd uptake in leafy (amaranthus) and root (radish) vegetables


Date of Start of this programme:

July , 2009




L.R. Varalakshmi


A.N. Ganeshamurthy

C. Vasugi


1.Identification of salt tolerant acidlime variety “Tenali” (Balaji).

2. Identification of Guava accessions for salt tolerance

3. Identification of Cauliflower varieties for  salt tolerance.

4. Cultivars of Carrot with lower heavy metal absorption capacity.

5. Cultivars of Palak with lower heavy metal absorption capacity

6.Measures to bring down heavy metal uptake in leafy and root vegetables.


Research Articles

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Book Chapters

1.Varalakshmi, L.R. and  Ganeshamurthy,A.N., (2012). Managing Horticultural crops in saline and sodic soils. Book chapter In “Horticulture for Food and Environment security.  Edited by Dr. K. L. Chadha, A.K. Singh, S.K. Singh and W.S. Dhillon, Published by West ville.pp.317-340.


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Technical/popular article

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Conference Proceedings

  • Varalakshmi L.R. and A.N. Ganeshamurthy (2010). Heavymetal contamination of water bodies, soils and vegetables in peri urban areas of Bangalore city of India. Full paper Published in proceedings of 19th world congress of soil science held from 1-6 August at Brisbane, Australia.
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