Eco-friendly technology for weed management

Use of cover crops like Mucuna is an eco-friendly technology for efficient and sustained control of all weed species including the most noxious Cyperus. Being a legume, Mucuna, also improved the soil physical, chemical and biological properties in a significant way which helped the subsequent crops to enhance growth and productivity. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use Mucuna in rotation with any vegetable crop or as a cover crop in tree orchards. Mucuna was found to leave behind > 25tons/ha of biomass at the end of the cropping season which helped to improve the soil health in a significant way. The carbon sequestration potential of Mucuna was worked out to be 28.52Kg CO2/ha/day. The biodegradation of the Mucuna residues were found to increase the soil phenolic acids significantly which helped to control germination of weed seeds.