Sample Heading

Sample Heading

Enhancing productivity through integrated nutrition, high density planting and crop regulation (Guava, jamun, papaya, annona, fig, grape & aonla) (Ongoing)

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R. Chithiraichelvan

V.V. Sulladmath

A.K. Saxena (Pl. Path.)

P.D. Kamala J (Agri. Ento.)

K.S. Shivashankara






  • All the tree vigour parameters like tree height, tree spread, tree girth and tree area showed significant differences among different population densities tried.
  • The tree vigour parameters were the highest under least population density (1333 plants/ha., 2.5 m x 3 m spacing) but recorded the least land utilization index value (37.27%) as compared with 4000 plants/ha. which recorded the highest value of 49.06%.
  • The declining trend in the tree vigour parameters observed with the increasing plant population density might be due to the increased competition among trees for growth.



  • Experiments on HDP of fig cvs. Poona and Deanna have been conducted and results indicated that Deanna fruit yield was found to be significant among different spacings. Maximum fruit yield of 12.11 kg/plant was recorded with T-3 (5 x 3 m ) spacing and least fruit yield of 7.55 kg/plant was with T-2 (5 x 2.5 m). 
  • The other vegetative parameter and fruit quality parameters were found to be non-significant among different treatments.