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Sample Heading

Genetic Improvement of tuberose for high concrete, yield and

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  • To develop hybrids for higher flower and concrete yield.
  • To develop hybrids resistant / tolerant to nematodes.


Date of start of this programme

June 2009




Dr.Meenakshi Srinivas



1. A high yielding hybrid of tuberose ArkaNirantara tolerant to nematodes (Meloidogyne incognita) and having higher concrete content has been released for commercial cultivation. It is recommended for loose flower purpose. It exhibits early flowering and has prolonged blooming period.

2. ArkaSugandhi, a dwarf hybrid ideal for planting in beds in the landscape and also for pot culture has been released .It is field tolerant to nematode (Meloidogyne incognita) .The spikes have upward looking florets and the florets are almost straight .The buds are greenish in colour. The florets are compactly arranged on the stalk. Many florets are open at a time on the spike and the prominent stigma adds to the beauty.


Other information:

  • Tuberose hybrids have been disseminated and well accepted by farmers.
  • They have replaced the old varieties. By virtue of their higher yields and  better price in the market, farmers are getting higher returns.




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