GRAPES - Arka Majestic

  • This hybrid is a cross between Angur Kalan and Black Champa . 
  • The plant is vigorous. 
  • On bower system of training at 3 m x 3 m planting distance, its yield potential is about 38 tons/ha and 34 kg/vine. 
  • Time required for harvest from pruning is 160-163 days. 
  • The bunches are well filled, weighing an average of 370 g/bunch, deep tan coloured, uniform round berries, having 2-3 small seeds per berry and bold roundish berries weighting on an average 7.7 g. T.S.S. from 18 to 20o Brix and acidity from 0.4 to 0.6 per cent. The pedicel attachment is very good and hence can go for export. All the buds are fruitful and therefore no specific pruning requirement. It is suitable for head system of training and possible to take two crops in a year. This hybrid is tolerant to Anthracnose disease. This was released in the year 1994.