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Sample Heading

Improvement of mango for yield and quality (Ongoing)

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C. Vasugi

Abraham Verghese (Ag. Ent.)

A.K. Sexana (Pl. Path.)

K.S. Shivshankara (Pl. Phy.)

(w.e.f. 26/07/11)

  • The total collection in mango stands at 575.  During the period under report 33 accessions from Vengurle, Paria, Pantnagar, Malavalli and by survey were collected. One progeny R1P2 from the combination Amrapali x ArkaAnmol was selected for high TSS, good keeping quality and deep yellow coloured pulp.
  • The evaluation carried out for fruit characteristics in guava resulted in the primary selection of five hybrids, of which two hybrids are from Apple Colour x Purple Local, one each had the parentage Purple Local x Apple colour, Purple Local X Sardar and Thailand X Purple local.