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Lokesha A N

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Crop Physiology
M.Sc. (Agri), Ph.D. (Crop Physiology)
Experience (No. of Years): 
17 years

List of Published Papers:
1. B.M. Muralidhara, Siddanna Savadi, J.D. Adiga, K. Manjunatha, A.N. Lokesha, G.L. Veena, V. Thondaiman and G.N. Manjesh., 2023, A first report on morphological and biochemical characterization of a rare CNSL free cashew mutant. Natl. Acad. Sci. Lett.
2. Yatung T., Bhargav Veluru., Shivashankara K.S., Geetha G.A. and Lokesha A.N., 2023, Biochemical profiling of Toko (Livinstonia jenkinsiana Griff.): an endangered underutilized fruit of North East India. Biochemical systematics and Ecology. 107: 1-6.
3. N.R. Prasannakumar, N. Jyothi, S. Saroja, and A.N. Lokesha., 2023, Insecticidal properties of Ocimum basilicum and Mentha Piperita essential oils against South American Tomato moth, Phthorimaea absoluta (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera: Gelichiidae). Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology, 190: 1-8,

4. N.R. Prasannakumar, V.K. Rao, N. Jyothi, S. Saroja, A.N. Lokesha and G. Ramkumar., 2022, Evaluation of insecticidal properties of botanicals for sustainable management of sucking pests of horticultural crops. Journal of Applied Entomology, 00, 1-11, https://doi. org/10.1111/jen.13092

5. S.V. Ramesh, Rose Mary, P.P. Shameena Beegum, R. Pandiselvam, Sugatha P., S. Neenu, Sandip Shil, V. Niral, M.R. Manikantan, A.N. Lokesha, K.S. Shivashankara and K.B Hebbar., 2022, Physicochemical characterization, fatty acid profiles of testa oils of diverse coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) genotypes. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture.

6. Eugene Sebastian J. Nidiry and A.N. Lokesha., 2020, Octadecyl p-coumarates: Probable anticancer compounds of Ipomoea carnea subsp. fistulosa, natural products as sources of cytotoxic compounds with potential for development into anti-cancer agents-Letter to the Editor. Natural Product Communications. 15 (8): 1-2. DOI: 10.1177/1934578X20948409.

7. Eugene Sebastian J. Nidiry and A. N. Lokesha., 2020, Evaluation of fungitoxicity of the extractives of Catharanthus roseus (L.). G. Don. International Journal of Phytopharmacy. 10 (2): e5465.
8. Lokesha, A.N., Shivashankara, K.S., Laxman, R.H. and Shankar, A.G., 2019, Response of contrasting tomato genotypes under high temperature stress. Mysore J. Agric. Sci. 53 (2): 9-14.
9. Sindhu Rangaraju, A.N. Lokesha and Chenna Reddy Aswath., 2019, Improved production of withanolides in adventitious root cultures of Withania somnifera by suspension culture method. Biosci. Biotech. Res. Comm. 12 (1): 73-79.
10. Lokesha, A.N., Shivashankara, K.S., Laxman, R.H., Geetha, G.A. and Shankar, A.G., 2019, Effect of high temperature on fruit quality parameters of contrasting tomato genotypes. Int. J. Curr. Microbiol. App. Sci., 8 (3): 1019-1029.
11. Sindhu Rangaraju, A.N. Lokesha and Chenna Reddy Aswath. 2018. Standardization of various factors for production of adventitious roots in selected varieties of Withania somnifera and estimation of total withanolides by High Performance Liquid Chromatography. Biosci. Biotech. Res. Comm. 11 (3): 451-460.
12. Poornima, R., Lokesha, A.N., Noor Nawaz, A.S. and Shankar, A.G. 2017. Transgenic tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum cv FCV) plants over expressing a bacterial Cod A gene show reduced oxidative damage under high light stress. Environment and Ecology. 35 (4): 2609-2615.

13. Poornima, R., Padmanabha, B.V., Lokesha, A.N. and Shankar, A.G. 2017. Transgenic (T1) tobacco plants over expressing ferritin showed tolerance against oxidative stress. International Journal of Agricultural Science and Research. 7 (1): 159-164.

14. Eugene Sebastian J. Nidiry, Girija Ganeshan and A.N. Lokesha. 2016. Additional studies on the antifungal activity of a methanol extract of Ipomoea carnea subsp. fistulosa and octadecyl p-coumarates. Pharmacognosy communications. 6 (3): 148-151.

15. Eugene Sebastian J. Nidiry, Girija Ganeshan and A.N. Lokesha. 2015. Antifungal activity of the extractives of coleus forskohlii roots and Forskolin. Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal. 49 (9): 624-626.

16. T. Vasantha Kumar, P.C. Tripathi, A.N. Lokesha and M.R. Rohini. 2015. Medicinal properties of Garcinia- An overview. Souvenir and Abstracts, Workshop on Garcinia Species, August 20, 2015, CHES, Chettalli, Kodagu, Karnataka. p.69-76.

17. Eugene Sebastian J. Nidiry, Girija Ganeshan and A.N. Lokesha. 2015. Antifungal activity of the extract of Andrographis paniculata and andrographolide. Journal of Pharmacognosy and phytochemistry. 4 (2): 08-10.

18. M.A. Suryanarayana, T. Vasantha Kumar, K. Hima Bindu and A.N. Lokesha. 2014. Status of Betelvine cultivation in Karnataka. Compendium, National Meet on Betelvine- Farmers, Traders and Researchers Interface 22 _ 23 February 2014 IIHR, Bengaluru. Pp. 119-123.

19. Eugene Sebastian J. Nidiry and A.N. Lokesha. 2013. A Rapid Spectrophotometric method for the quantitative estimation of Octadecyl p-Coumarates. Journal of Applied Spectroscopy. 80 (3): 478-481.

20. Eugene Sebastian J. Nidiry, Girija Ganeshan and A.N. Lokesha. 2011. Antifungal activity of some extractives and constituents of Aloe vera. Research Journal of Medicinal plant. 5 (2): 196-200.

21. Eugene Sebastian J. Nidiry, Girija Ganeshan and A.N. Lokesha. 2011. Antifungal activity of Mucuna pruriens Seed Extractives and L-DOPA. Journal of herbs, spices and medicinal plants. 17: 139-143.

22. Eugene Sebastian J. Nidiry, Girija Ganeshan and A.N. Lokesha. 2011. Antifungal activity and isomerization of octadecyl p-coumarates from Ipomoea carnea subsp. fistulosa. Natural product communications. 6 (12): 1889-1892.

23. T. Vasantha Kumar, K. Himabindu, M.A. Suryanarayana, A.N. Lokesha and D.H. Sukanya. 2011. Genetic diversity in herbal species. Contributory Papers. SYMSAC-VI: Exploiting spices production potential of the Deccan Region, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad, India, 8-10 December 2011. p.63-70.

24. L. Shanthala, B. Venkatesh, A.N. Lokesha, T.G. Prasad and V.R. Sashidhar, 2006. Glutathione depletion due to Heavy metal-induced phytochelatin synthesis causes oxidative stress damage: Beneficial adaptation to one abiotic stress is linked to vulnerability to a second abiotic stress. Journal of Plant Biology. 33 (3): 209-214.

25. T.C. Suma, C.V. Srivathsa, A.N. Lokesha, T.G. Prasad and V.R. Sashidhar. 2006. Root abscisic acid synthesizing capacity does not influence differences in root elongation under water stress in contrasting cultivars of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) and finger millet (Eleusine coracana Gaertn). Journal of Plant Biology. Vol. 33 (3): 231-235.

Book Chapter:
1. M.D. Prathibha, S.G. Harsha, G.A. Geetha, A.N. Lokesha and K.S. Shivashankara, 2023. Metabolomics as a selection tool for Abiotic stress tolerance in crops. P 311-335. In: Translating physiological tools to augment crop breeding. H.M. Mamrutha, R. Khobra, Z. Wadhwa, R. Tiwari and G. Singh. (eds.).

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