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Madhavi Reddy K.

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Principal Scientist
Division of Vegetable Crops
Chili Crop improvement
Ph. D.
Research Accomplishments: 


Contributed significantly in solanaceous vegetable crop improvement program for 30 years and is Principal Investigator of Vegetable Crop Improvement program at ICAR-IIHR. Served as PI for an international research project funded by GTZ-AVRDC entitled ‘Development of multiple disease resistant high yielding chilli cultivars for Asia’; and co-PI of ADB funded SAVERNET project. Also served as PI for ten and co-PI for five externally aided projects funded by DBT, DST, ICAR-EMP, ICAR-NASF, ICAR-CRP & ICAR-network projects. Involved in identification of desirable genes in wild & cultivated accessions of Capsicum sp. and introgressed into cultivated species for their further use. Targeted genes are being incorporated into elite inbred lines through marker-assisted selection. Registered six elite chilli lines with NBPGR and four extant chilli varieties with PPV&FRA, New Delhi. Involved in the development of promising two chilli varieties, eleven CGMS based chilli F1 hybrids, one bell pepper F1 hybrid, three tomato & four brinjal varieties for commercial cultivation. The parental lines of all these hybrids were licensed to thirty private/ public institutes on non-exclusive basis. PPV&FRA has recognized as Nodal Officer for development of DUS guidelines for Chilli, Sweet pepper and Paprika. Involved in research advisory committee of twenty-six Ph. D. and twenty-one M. Sc. students; two Ph D students received ICAR-Jawaharlal Award for best thesis and two students received CII_PMO fellowship for Ph D program. Received three national awards of ICAR for significant contribution in vegetable crop improvement.

Varieties / Technologies Developed: 


CGMS based Chilli F1 Hybrids released at National level


Year of CVRC notificaton


Recommended states


Arka Meghana


High yielding F1 hybrid, early, fruits 10-12 x 1.0-1.2 cm, slightly wrinkled & medium pungent, green and turn deep red on maturity, tolerant powdery mildew &  potyvirus (ChiVMV), yield: 25-28q/ acre (dry)

Zone IV: Punjab, UP, Bihar & Jharkhand;

Zone V: Chhatishgarh, Orissa & Andhra Pradesh;

Zone VI: Rajasthan, Gujarath, Haryana & Delhi;

Zone VIII: Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala & Pondicherry


Arka Haritha


High yielding F1 hybrid, late, fruits 8-9 X 1.0-1.1cm, smooth, highly pungent, green and turn red on maturity, tolerant to powdery mildew and potyvirus (ChiVMV), yield: 80-100q/ acre (fresh) 28-30q/ acre (dry)

Karnataka State


Arka Sweta


High yielding F1 hybrid for fresh market, early, fruits 11-12 X 1.5-2.0cm; smooth and low pungent, light green and turn red on maturity, tolerant cucumovirus (CMV), yield: 80-100q/ acre (fresh) and 25q/ acre (dry)

Zone IV (Punjab, UP, Bihar & Jharkhand).


Arka Khyati


High yielding F1 hybrid for dual market, fruits 10-12 X 1-1.2 cm; smooth and low pungent, light green and turn red on maturity, tolerant to cucumovirus (CMV) & sucking pests, yields 80-100q/ acre (fresh) and 25q/ acre (dry)

Karnataka State

Zone VII (MP, MH & Goa)