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Okra F1 Hybrid - Arka Nikita

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Arka Nikita  (F1 Hybrid):  It is a hybrid between  GMS-4 X IIIHR-299-14-11-585, has been identified for release by the Institute VTIC during 2017. It is developed through geneic male sterile line  Early flowering, it takes 39 days for the first flower appearance and 43 days for first picking of fruits. Produces dark green, medium, smooth and   tender fruits. Excellent cooking quality, nutritionally rich in antioxidant activity, high mucilage content(1.08 % (FW) and high edible fiber content (8.85 % (DW) . It is rich in minerals like potassium (3.7 %), calcium 997 mg /100 g)and magnesium . Rich in iodine content (33.31µ g/kg).Yields 21-24 t/ha in 125 -130 days duration. 

Fruits of Arka Nikita F1 hybrid

Plants of Geneic male sterile based okra F1 hybrid Arka Nikita

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