Sample Heading

Sample Heading

Optimizing water productivity and nutrient dynamics through integrated water and nutrient management of fruit crops (mango, grapes and sapota) (Ongoing)

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P. Sampathkumar (Addition)

H.B. Raghupathi (Soil Science)

P. Panneerselvam (Micro.)





  • The photosynthetic rate was higher with Goa mankurd followed by Amarapali, Raspuri, Alphonso and ArkaNeelkiran.
  • The fruit yield was higher with Goa mankurd followed by Amarpali, Raspuri, Alphonso and ArkaNeelkiran. Normal irrigation recorded higher yield but lower water productivity as compared to deficit irrigation treatments.
  • The fruit yields in mango increased with increase in evaporation replenishment rate and was highest with 60% evaporation replenishment. The fruit yield decreased with deficit irrigation but the water productivity was higher with reduced deficit irrigation.
  • Application of bio fertilizer (300 g) along with 60% of recommended dose of fertilizer resulted in higher yields. The water productivity was higher with 50% evaporation replenishment.